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Making The Most Of Your Next Business Trip | 如何让出差变得丰富

Meetings, stress, hurry – and then a few more meetings – are the cornerstones of any business trip. Business matters are, understandably, the priority. But there’s no need for your stay to be just a jet-lagged replica of life back home – enjoying yourself is equally as important. In fact, everyone wins if you can turn up to your meetings focused, relaxed and in touch with your new environment.

会议,压力,匆忙 – 连着更多的会议-出差基本都是这个节凑吧。当然可以理解,毕竟工作第一么。但是换个地方重复在家的生活不是也没意思么,好好放松享受也同样重要。事实上,如果你可以做到会议专注,在新环境中轻松自如,对大家来说都是受益的。

Ten Hacks For Packing Light

When it comes to packing, the decisions can be nigh-on impossible. What’s more important, your massive bottle of factor 50 or those high-heels you’re sure you can’t live without? Can you get away with just three pairs of underwear? In your heart of hearts, you know you’re probably not going to need your flip-flops for your three day business trip to Cologne, but hey, who can predict the weather?

Enter our best hacks for smart packing. Cut out all that excess weight without sacrificing those all-important home comforts – we promise, it really is possible.

Hottest Destinations in Europe this Summer

Still haven’t decided where to enjoy your vacation this summer? Looking for somewhere to tack onto your business trip & make it one of bleisure?

Europe continues to be the favourite destination for international tourists – with the arrival of international tourists increasing by 4% last year.

Head for an unforgettable experience this Summer in Europe – the chozun team have shortlisted some of the Hottest & Upcoming European destination inspirations to keep in mind when planning your next work or leisure trip.


Hottest Products to Watch out for on your travels

Our chozun 途赞 Insiders have handpicked six of the top trending brands from around the world for you to look out on your next shopping venture as you travel (or order online if you can’t wait to get your hands on these).

As consumers, we all look for quality and a deeper level of trust in brands, that’s why we’ve shortlisted only the best of the best products for 2017 across various shopping categories, from some of the coolest destinations in the world. (more…)

Last Minute Weekend Escape in China

Looking for somewhere last minute to go this International Labour Day weekend? Here’s two very accessible places in China to check out for their nature, culture & to escape the bustle of your local day to day life in the big smoke.

Zhangjiajie (张家界)

Head Northwest Hunan Province, South-central China and you won’t be short of outdoor activities this weekend, with Zhangjiajie presenting a stunning landscape with thousands of karst peaks; a truly impressive sight.

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