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Hottest Products to Watch out for on your travels

Our chozun 途赞 Insiders have handpicked six of the top trending brands from around the world for you to look out on your next shopping venture as you travel (or order online if you can’t wait to get your hands on these).

As consumers, we all look for quality and a deeper level of trust in brands, that’s why we’ve shortlisted only the best of the best products for 2017 across various shopping categories, from some of the coolest destinations in the world.


Let’s talk Fashion in France 

Jeans. Everyone needs a pair (or five). French designer Sezane is on everyone’s radar this Summer, with the release of her jean – a hybrid vintage denim in a modern fit. Perfect for those who want a pair of jeans, but are looking for style that refines the silhouette, highlights the assets and eliminates all small defects.


The Grapes of Australia 

In Winter, a glass of red wine can be the perfect compliment to any meal. Now we can enjoy a red in Summer too, with the increase this year in Sparkling Red Wine production (and consumption). The Taltarni Tache is one not to miss with a light summer meal. If visiting Victoria, Australia, plan a day trip to visit Taltarni – you won’t be disappointed by the quality, diversity and innovation of this great Australian wine brand.


Canadian Cosmetics with Chinese influence 

It’s no secret Tremella Mushroom is a very popular medicinal mushroom not only used for Chinese cuisine but also used as a cough and lung treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

But in fact, since ancient times, women have used Tremella Mushroom more and more to maintain a beauty regime. It is said that Yang Guifei (considered to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese history) was enthusiastic about tremella medicinal mushroom for her facial and body maintenance.

And now, you can get a break through moisturiser that combines benefits of Tremella Mushroom and Hyaluronic Acid. Nacelle Natural has released flexible hydration in this miracle product launched early 2017.

The latest Maternity Gadget from the USA 

For those on travels for their Baby Moon, soon expecting or with new borns, Nabi Aristotle voice assistant is a must have baby monitor.

This Amazon Alexa voice-activated smart assistant answers your questions, and maybe your kids’ questions too.

It orders more diapers when you run out, and soothes babies back to sleep automatically. A new parent’s dream gadget.


Amazing Art in Rewanda 

An up and coming artist of Rewanda, Bonfils Ngabonziza communicates messages of peace, love and unity that would inspire people.

His art is most often connected to the social sphere, and promoting human rights for all. Ngabonziza is now a member of Ivuka Arts art studio located in Kigali. If you’re into art, pop by and pick up a piece to support an up and coming artist that’s making a difference and contributing to society.


Transformational Watches from Scandinavia 

Founded with the aim of transforming the watch industry, TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) aims to appeal to casual consumers as well as watch fanatics.

TRIWA has the purpose to transform the watch into a modern style symbol through a combination of classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity – and they do just that. Elegant, stylish pieces that will make you stand out in any crowd.


If you aren’t abroad or can’t make it to any of these places in the world over the next couple of months, get in touch with us and we can let you know how to best access some of these best products from around the globe.


Last Minute Weekend Escape in China

Looking for somewhere last minute to go this International Labour Day weekend? Here’s two very accessible places in China to check out for their nature, culture & to escape the bustle of your local day to day life in the big smoke.

Zhangjiajie (张家界)

Head Northwest Hunan Province, South-central China and you won’t be short of outdoor activities this weekend, with Zhangjiajie presenting a stunning landscape with thousands of karst peaks; a truly impressive sight.

Hang out with the locals


Your Next April Fools Prank Idea

Funny dog

April Fool’s day is traditionally a day for high jinks and jokes from popular culture icons to your next door neighbour. chozun loves celebrating the world and all its wonders so we’re taking a look at April Fool’s traditions from around the world to help you get some ideas for pranking on the day.


The Scots love a prank so much, they have extended it to two days, April 1 was traditionally Hunt the Gowk day, although the name is fading out. Gowk means cuckoo, and sending a friend on a fool’s errand is how they traditionally start the prank and it passes along a chain of calamitous events. The second day is known as Taily Day, which is focused on bum jokes and is said to be where ‘kick me’ originated.


In Japanese, April Fools’s Day is called 4月馬鹿 (Shigatsu Baka or, literally, April Fool) or エイプリルフール (Eipuriru Fuuru or April Fool), although not necessarily and ancient tradition in Japan – in more recent times many brands take the opportunity to come up with funny and innovative new “products” they “release” on April Fools Day – like Volvo who came up with human airbags for people who are always looking at their phones when walking. (more…)

The Rise of Wellness Travel in 2017

Amongst the many travel trends for 2017, Wellness is one of them. The Wellness travel industry is certainly on the rise and growing 50% faster than regular travel.

2017年的众多旅行趋势中, 养生是其中的一种。养生旅游业发展迅速,增长速度比普通旅游快50%

Whether it’s taking time out for a leisure trip to a Meditation Retreat in the hills of Thailand, a Fitness Bootcamp in Bali, Spa retreats in Japan, Forest or Coastal tourism, or making sure that you’re maintaining your Fitness and Wellness regime when travelling for work, studies show that Wellness is now becoming a core element of company’s travel policies.


Let’s go to Japan!



Time to go to Japan! 

Especially this time of the year, with the infamous Sakura Blossoms (Cherry Blossoms) Festival brightening everyones days.  Between the vibrant, polite & efficient culture, household tech at an all time high, amazing fresh sushi, hot springs, nightlife… the list goes on.

And it’s no wonder the number of us travelling to Japan increases by 22% year on year.  The tourism board is expecting by 2020, Japan will have 40M visitors per year. 40M! That’s a lot of us. Our advice, get there before the massive influx!

Here’s some suggestions for your next trip to Japan (particularly in Osaka & Tokyo); whether for work, leisure, or “bleisure” (we still love saying that word):


01. Unique Experiences 

Tokyo: You’ve heard of cat cafes, but Japan has taken it to the next level. Check out the Goat Cafe. Grab a delicious cake at Sakuraoka & hang out with these cute furry animals.

Osaka:  Head to The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum for an entire exhibition on the history of instant noodles, different types of instant noodles, and their global popularity.  Osaka is the birthplace of this delicious goodness – instant noodles.

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