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8 Things that Annoy me as a Business Traveler

  1. Visas. Both applying for a visa and having to renew that visa. Either way it sucks, and if your visa expires there is a potential for not actually being able to go back into the country. Check this out to see how to get a visa for China.

2. Passports. Having to fill out all the information from your passport is just annoying and tedious and when you’ve just gotten off a 20 hr flight its even worse.

3. Flying out of a terrible airport. In China, hands down my worst experience has been at Pudong International, basically if a airport is known for 8 hour delays you know its not a good time.

4. Delays/ cancellations. They are always a possibility and no one wants to become Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

5. Missing the Flight. Then feeling like you’ll never get home cause you have to argue with the desk.

6. The Concierge. Getting to a new country and having to rely on the concierge can be sketchy. Who knows where they’ll lead you.

6. Overpacking. You’ll have everything you think you’ll need, but nothing you’ll actually need. Learn how to avoid overpacking here.

7. Credit Cards. After you’ve prepared all your cards, you get to a new country and you end up with no money.

8. WIFI. The wifi not working can be the biggest problem you face anywhere. The UN just declared access to the internet a basic human right. It shouldn’t be violated.

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