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8 Tips For a Better Road Trip | 自驾游攻略 – 8个贴士

There is something undeniably romantic about the humble road-trip.  A constant inspiration, it’s the centre of literary masterpieces and a movie genre in its own right. But turning it from the stuff of dreams to a reality can be a logistical nightmare. After attempting a mad dash down Australia’s desert centre I certainly came away with a few pieces of knowledge I wish I had before. Read on for a few tips on how to make that road-trip an (enjoyable) reality.

低调的旅行有一些不可否认的浪漫。 一个持久的灵感是文学杰作和电影的核心。 但把它从理想变成现实可能是一个令人失望的结果。 在尝试疯狂冲击澳大利亚的沙漠中心之后,我确实希望早点有些基础知识。今天的内容是关于一些可以让自驾游成为更有趣的建议。

Plan – but not too much.

One of the great reasons to get in a car, as opposed to a plane, is that you can stop wherever you please. This spontaneity can lead to amazing discoveries that you’d never have dreamt up when flicking through maps and travel guides. Of course, it’s good to have a rough idea of where you want to go and what it’ll take to get there, but let your intuition have its say and leave the time to make that happen.

计划 – 但不需太多。

Know your car.

If you’re not a motor-head then cars can be somewhat intimidating.  This is fine in a city full of mechanics and the phone reception to call them.  But when facing the possibility of a little car-trouble it’s good to have the basics under your belt. It certainly helps when breaking down in the middle of the South Australian desert, trust me.

如果你不是老司机,那么车可能会有点令人生畏。在一个充满机械和电话客服的城市里,也许没有什么问题。 但是,如果你能有些修车的基础知识的话,这会对你在面临一些故障时提供很多便捷。特别是在南澳大利亚沙漠中遇到抛锚时很有帮助,相信我。

Split up the driving time.

Keeping with the sensible advice, make sure to split the driving as equally as possible.  Fatigue on the road is dangerous, but it’s also much more fun to each take turns ideally staring out at the changing landscapes.


Prepare with plenty of music.

We listen to music differently these days – internet services like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube are always at our fingertips. But when road-tripping it’s a good idea to make your killer playlist available offline on your phone, or even on an old-fashioned CD. You never know when mobile coverage will cut out.

我们现在以不同的方式听音乐 – 比如QQ音乐,虾米音乐,Apple Music,Spotify和YouTube等互联网服务一直处于我们的指尖。 但是,如果路途蹒跚,最好让你的最爱播放列表在手机上离线播放,甚至在用上老土的CD。 你永远不知道网络覆盖何时会被切断。

Regularly re-pack and organise your car.

It’s inevitable that in your morning rush to get going you might get lazy in loading the car. To avoid losing your jumper under a pile of suitcases or smelling that cheese you left under the seat after yesterday’s picnic, take the time to keep organised (and clean) every now and then.

不可避免的是,在你早晨赶着上路的时候,你可能会懒得保养车。 为了避免在堆放了行李箱后有些东西找不到了或者闻到你昨天野餐后留在座位下的奶酪,请花时间保养下你的车(和清洁)。

Don’t be afraid of the locals.

Locals always know best, especially when you’re in a small town that may be hard to find information on. It’ll be the easiest way to find the best places to eat and things to see!


Diversify your snacks.

I certainly learnt that it is possible to get sick of grapes and chips. An eight hour drive can do that to just about anything. Think a little outside the box with your driving snacks.

我当然知道一直吃葡萄和薯条会厌掉。 八小时的车程可以几乎就是吃零食。所以多带点不同品种的零食。

Bring a tent – even if you weren’t planning on camping.

It might not be your thing, but camping only amplifies the freedom of a road-trip as you never know what perfect spot you may find to set up for the night. Plus, it’ll also save you money on accommodation. Win-win right?

带上帐篷 – 即使你不打算露营。
这可能不是你想要的,但露营只会放大一次旅行的自由,因为你永远不知道你可能会在夜晚遇到什么样的完美位置。 另外,它还可以为你节省住宿费用。难道不是一箭双雕吗?

Happy Travels!


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