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#chozunaday: We explore Berkshire, Geneva, Nuremberg, Kyoto & Petrinja

chozun 途赞 continues to celebrate many exciting events around the world this week! Here’s a snapshot of #chozunaday:

Celebrated: Kate Middleton’s birthday

Place: Berkshire, England (Kate’s birthplace)

Date: 9 January

How chozun celebrated: Co-Founder Zia (UK born) introduced 3 famous towns in Berkshire to explore.


#chozunaday: Features travelling to Pasto, Ohio, Georgia, Harbin, Cinque Terra

The New Year is upon us. Here’s what we celebrated this week to kick off 2017.

Celebrated: Black and White Carnival (Carnaval de Blancos y Negros)

Place: Pasto, Colombia

Date: 2 January

How chozun celebrated: Face painting, music and you bet, we danced


Double 11—Chinese Singles’ Day

Double 11, single section

Is not feeling today through irritability?

Do not go out, the monkey horse to be on Valentine’s Day?

Travel is our most likely to encounter a way of love,

There are so few places in China,

Let you encounter love.

Wuzhen – ” I knew you’d come.”


8 Things that Annoy me as a Business Traveler

  1. Visas. Both applying for a visa and having to renew that visa. Either way it sucks, and if your visa expires there is a potential for not actually being able to go back into the country. Check this out to see how to get a visa for China.


Cities in China you might not have heard about

Everyone knows about Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. If you know a little more you have probably heard about Xian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Lhasa. Often times I find that foreigners in China don’t know about the smaller cities.


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