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What is the best gift this Mid-Autumn Festival 2017? | 中秋节最好的礼物是什么! 这是答案。。。

Families across parts of Asia gather together on 4 October to celebrate the infamous Mid Autumn Festival – “we gather together, eat, laugh, play games & do a lot of KTV for fun,” tells Rico, our local Chinese Insider.

亚洲各地的家庭在10月4日聚集在一起庆祝臭名昭著的中秋节-“我们聚集在一起, 吃, 笑, 玩游戏, 并做了很多 KTV 的乐趣,” 告诉波多黎各, 我们当地的中国内幕。

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié is a huge celebration in Hong KongChinaSingapore, South Korea and other countries in Asia occurring on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunisolar calendar—when the moon is thought to be at its fullest. A tradition taken seriously, and well respected in the East. For nearly 3000 years, families have been coming together to pay respects to the moon – a symbol of peace and prosperity.

中秋节中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié是一个巨大的庆祝活动在香港, 中国, 新加坡, 韩国和亚洲其他国家在第八月的第十五天在阴阳历日历-当月亮被认为是在它的最充分。一个传统被重视, 并在东部很受尊敬。近3000年来, 家庭一直聚集在一起, 向月亮致敬–这是和平与繁荣的象征。

As you wander the streets of many major Asian cities in the lead up to Mid Autumn Festival, they are bustling – people madly rushing about, preparing for the Festival. Lines, long ones. With many people, waiting to buy the perfect gift. We take a look at the most popular gifts this season for Mid Autumn Festival.

当你漫步在许多主要的亚洲城市的街道上, 在引领到中秋节, 他们是热闹的人疯狂地奔波, 为节日做准备。线, 长的。和很多人在一起, 等待着买到最完美的礼物。我们来看看本季最受欢迎的中秋节礼物。

1. Mooncakes 月饼

How can we not start with the Mooncake. The traditional Chinese pastry, made from wheat flour and sweet stuffing. Symbolic of family reunion, these mooncakes are gifted (and re-gifted – a lot) across the entire week of celebration and in the lead up.

我们怎么能不从月饼开始呢?中国传统糕点, 由小麦面粉和甜馅制成。象征家庭团聚, 这些月饼是天才 (和被-很多) 横跨整个星期的庆祝和领先。

There’s actually a whole underground Mooncake trading movement – yes, an underground Mooncake ticket trading for scalpers – buying tickets at base price much before the Festival season, and reselling them for 2-3x their worth.

实际上有一个整个地下的月饼交易运动-是的, 一个地下的月饼券交易的黄牛-购买门票的基本价格在节日季节之前, 并转售他们为2-3x 他们的价值。

Lines of people sprawl for blocks, waiting to pick up their Mooncakes from famous bakeries, with their pre-traded tickets, to make sure they don’t miss out on Mooncakes.

排队的人群, 等待从著名的面包店拿起他们的月饼, 用他们的 pre-traded 门票, 以确保他们不会错过了月饼。

Mooncake options are endless – sweet, salty, spicy, meaty, vegetarian, low fat and extra yolky – basically anything that you could and would put in your mouth, and even some things you couldn’t and wouldn’t.

月饼的选择是无尽的-甜, 咸, 辣, 肉, 素食, 低脂肪和额外的蛋黄-基本上任何东西, 你可以把你的嘴, 甚至一些东西, 你不能和不会。

2. Fresh Hairy Crab 鲜毛蟹

Ooo yeah. Across Singapore and China in particular, Fresh Hairy Crabs are the craze. Get that crab into you. Autumn is the best season to eat hairy crab as families gather together for their traditional meal. It’s considered a delicacy – fresh & nutritious – quite the popular gift to pre-order online, and send to friends and family as a gift.

哦是的特别是在新加坡和中国, 新鲜大闸蟹是一种狂热。把螃蟹弄进去秋天是吃大闸蟹的最佳季节, 因为家人聚在一起为他们的传统膳食。它被认为是一种美味-新鲜和营养-相当流行的礼物, 预购在线, 并发送给朋友和家人作为礼物。

So, you receive some hairy crab in the mail. What to do with it now?

所以, 你收到一些毛茸茸的螃蟹在邮件。现在怎么办?

3. Organic Rice & Olive Oil  有机大米和橄榄油

A desire for accessibility to fresh produce is becoming more common amongst the Chinese culture as is the movement towards lifestyles of health and sustainability. Organic rice and olive oil are becoming more and more popular as gifts. Edible oil is also a popular gift in South Korea.

对新鲜农产品无障碍的渴望在中国文化中越来越普遍, 就像健康和可持续性的生活方式的运动一样。有机大米和橄榄油作为礼物越来越受欢迎。食用油在韩国也是很受欢迎的礼物。

Most Korean people prefer to have practical items as gifts during the festivals – edible oil being one of the preferred gifts for Korean people during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s useful and appreciated as a gift amongst the Korean culture.

大多数韩国人喜欢在节日期间有实用的礼品作为礼物–食用油是中秋节期间韩国人的首选礼物之一。作为韩国文化中的礼物, 它是有用和被赞赏的。

In South Korea, during Mid Autumn Festival, the eldest son worships their deceased ancestors first, and then all the family dance together and appreciate the moon. Young girls wear colourful traditional clothes and play springboard games.

在韩国, 在中秋节期间, 长子首先崇拜他们的已故的祖先, 然后所有家庭一起跳舞和欣赏月亮。年轻女孩穿鲜艳的传统衣服, 玩跳板游戏。

4. Got Beef, anyone? 有牛肉吗, 有人吗?

According to a new consumer survey, the most wanted gift for Korean people during the Mid-Autumn Festival is beef – due to the increased prices in beef across Korea – the demand is high at this time of year, as there are few opportunities to eat it.

根据一项新的消费者调查, 在中秋节期间韩国人最想要的礼物是牛肉–由于韩国牛肉价格上涨–每年这个时候的需求量很大, 因为几乎没有吃的机会。

Distribution is seen as the main reason for the high cost — approximately 42% of the retail price comes from this.

分布被视为高成本的主要原因-大约42% 的零售价来自这一点。

5. And, well, of course, lucky last, Spam 垃圾

Yes, you read right, Spam.

是的, 你读对了, 垃圾邮件。

During the Korean War in the 50s, Spam was first introduced to Korea by the U.S. Army and since has held a soft spot in most Korean’s heart and stomachs. It’s the main material of the famous ‘troops hot pot’ in Korea.

在50s 的朝鲜战争期间, 美国陆军首次向朝鲜介绍垃圾邮件, 因为在大多数韩国人的心脏和胃里都有一个软点。这是韩国著名的 “部队火锅” 的主要材料。

Whatever your tradition, whatever your gift, we wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

无论您的传统, 无论您的礼物, 我们祝愿大家一个快乐的中秋佳节!

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