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Why Boracay Island is the New Phuket 为什么长滩岛是新普吉

Summer may be over in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re already dreaming of winter sun, with only one destination on our minds; Boracay Island, Philippines. Picture stretches of postcard-perfect, white sand beaches, with the ideal combination of seclusion vs plenty to do.

Our insider experts narrow down five reasons why Boracay Island should be on your minds too. Compared to what could be it’s tourist-friendly, popular equivalent of Phuket, a large island just off Thailand’s southwest coast, it comes up top in every level.

或许北半球的夏天已经过去了,但是我们已经开始幻想冬天的暖阳,心里只有一个想去的地方:长滩岛,菲律宾。 幻想着明信片般美的画面,白色沙滩,理想中的隐居及很多想做的事。


1) True to its name

Conceptions about Boracay are all in the name; it’s a tropical island that certainly lives up to its title. Unlike Phuket, which recently lost the term ‘island’ from the end of its name due to its size and over popularity, Boracay breathes islander vibes with its laid back, lying under the radar feel. At 10.32 km2, 55 Boracay’s can fit into the size of Phuket – now can you see why we’re in love?  Lined by palm trees, and surrounded by crystal clear water and tropical coral, it’s no wonder that these definitive island vibes beam through to its friendly and happy locals – peace out!

1) 名副其实

长滩岛的意思就如她的名字;她充满了热情。而普吉岛最近则因为过多的人口而失去了“岛屿”的含义。长滩岛的氛围这是能够沐浴阳光。长滩岛有10.32平方公里,容得下一个普吉岛的大小。知道为什么我们热爱长滩岛了吗?一排排的棕榈树,清澈见底的水及珊瑚礁包围着我们,难怪当地居民的幸福指数那么高 – 太和谐了!

2) Beautiful beaches

This is what Boracay is famous for. The most popular stretch of beach, White Beach, runs 4km long and is split into three stations, and it really has all you need. From beautiful scenery, silky white sand, to plentiful restaurants and hotels. But that’s not all that’s on offer. Boracay beholds 17 beaches in total and each one caters for a different kind of personality; there’s some that are the best for relaxation, a winner for windsurfing, secluded dining, snorkelling, and word has it that some beaches are even kept a secret…Shh.

2) 美丽的海滩


3) Plenty to do

Thoughts of resigning at a tropical island may leave worries of starring in a lead role from a scene of Cast Away, but not in Boracay. Gone are the days of struggling to get a wifi signal and although small in size, it’s big on diverse things to do.

It’s a great getaway if you’re into watersports, and with more than 30 diving spots around the island, it poses a great opportunity to start too. There’s even helmet diving for beginners, and more weirdly and wonderful, the island offers a class on how to swim like a mermaid, which ends with a photoshoot. Everyone’s dream, right? With a mountain range to the left of the island, you can hike to the highest point of Mount Luho to absorb 360 views of the island, or try out the diving boards at the rocky island of Ariel’s Point. Try not to belly-flop!

3) 很多可以做的

看着电影Cast Away的拍摄场景可能会有想辞职的心。可能找到wifi有些困难,但是有更多可以让你做的。

如果你喜欢水上运动,这里则是最佳场所。这里有超过30个潜水胜地。有海底漫步,甚至还有一个奇怪的项目,它是教你像美人鱼一样的游泳,然后给你拍照留念。这难道不是每个人的梦想吗?岛屿的左侧是山区,你可选择去Luho山徒步,360°全方位的俯瞰整个岛屿,或者你也可以在Ariel’s Point跳水。尽量不要胸腹着水哦!


4) Seafood

Fresh seafood and a tropical island go hand in hand. So a trip to Boracay isn’t complete without experiencing its notorious, straight-from-the-ocean wet market, D’Talipapa – as fresh as seafood can get. But what’s extraordinary about this market is that not only is there a huge array of choice, but once bargaining for your fresh fish, you can then take it to a nearby restaurant and they’ll cook it exactly how you like it.

4) 海鲜

热带岛屿当然一定离不开海鲜。去长滩岛不去吃海鲜一定是不完整的。务必要去体验一下海洋般新鲜的市场,D’Talipapa。 因为这里的海鲜再新鲜不过了。除了新鲜,你还能砍价,然后把你买到的海鲜带去附近的饭店随你的口味烹调。

5) 20 somethings

Boracay’s tropical climate makes for a pretty consistent weather forecast, reaching the high 20s, which makes it an all year round destination. Average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius start the year in January, followed by 29 in June, and ending with 27 degrees in December. To get technical about the different seasons, there’s two; Habagat which is usually hotter and wetter running from June to September, and Amihan, which is drier and cooler, running from October to May. But at any time of the year, you’re in for a top up of vitamin C.



Boracay Island is paradise without the purse puncturing. There’s something special about it which is why we’re calling it one of the best island getaways in Asia, rivalling its more well-known neighbours across the sea. But it’s one to see now before more tourists start to pour in; so what are you waiting for?

Written by Saffron Otter


作者Saffron Otter

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