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#chozunaday: Cuba & London travel tips


This week, we started #chozunaday – celebrating a day from around the world, everyday.

Celebrated: Caribbean Cuba Day

Place: Cuba

Date: 8 December 

The day the formal opening of diplomatic relations between Caribbean Community and Cuba. Since Dec 8 2002, Cuba has increased grants and scholarships to other Caribbean countries.

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Salsa & Cha Cha dancing

Travel tips for Cuba:

1. Stash some cash. Cuba is pretty much a 100% cash economy.
2. Forget the net – Cuba is one of the most poorly connected countries in the world.
3. Stick to buses and taxis – the train network sucks.

Celebrated: Great Smog of London lifted in 1952

Place: London

Date: 9 December

London was thrown into dangerous chaos by the Great Smog of 1952. This killer fog triggered by a mix of air pollution, cold weather and windless conditions, lasted five days! The layer of smog dispersed on 9 December, where conditions then improved.

How chozun途赞 celebrated: By asking everyone what a ‘Geezer’ meant  

Travel tips for London:

1. We all know the weather is temperamental there – pack an umbrella, sunscreen, raincoat, sandals, t-shirt, woollen jumper & be prepared to use them all in one day.
2. Get around on the Tube – it’s super accessible. With two mins at each stop, & 4 mins in between stops – you can plan your journey length easily.
3. One word you should know: “Geezer” – in reference to, a person, in general.

Until next week… keep celebrating.

Hard evidence of how chozun celebrated can be found here

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