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Uncovering the past: The Most Underrated Museums in South East Asia | 东南亚被低估的博物馆

By Justin Vidamo (2012)

It’s a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself. You can move at your own pace, allow yourself some solitude to mentally engage with carefully curated artefacts, and welcome inspiration from introspection and self-reflection. Travelling can sometimes end up in a flurry of things to do, see and taste, without having the time to really take in the subtleties of the foreign environment you’ve entered. Museums can empower you with archives of knowledge, and give you the opportunity to pay respect to the extraordinary cultures and histories of thousand year old cultures . As noble peace prize recipient Orhan Pamuk put it, a museum should not just be a place for fancy paintings but should be a place where we can communicate our lives through our everyday objects.

To pay our respects to International Museum Day this Friday 18 May, we’re uncovering what we think are the most underrated Museums in South East Asia. We believe that the following historical archives pay due to the liven experiences of, and beauty of South East Asian cultures.

这是一次非常愉快的博物馆体验。你可以按自己的步调前进,让自己独立思考那些精致的文物,从内而外地获得灵感。旅行有时候会有一系列要做的事,要看的和要品味的,而没有时间去真正了解你所身临其境的微妙之处。博物馆可以为您提供知识档案,并让您有机会尊重千年积攒的非凡文化和历史。崇高的和平奖获得者奥尔汗·帕慕克(Orhan Pamuk)说过,一个博物馆不应该只是一个充满花哨画作的地方,而应该是一个可以通过我们的日常物品来传达我们生活的地方。


Vietnamese Women’s Museum – Hanoi, Vietnam

To best summarise Hanoi’s Vietnamese Woman’s Museum, the word “inspirational” would suffice. Although the Museum features the word “Women”, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not equally fascinating and enjoyable for both men and woman. The gallery offers a fascinating introduction to the life of Vietnamese women, their hardships, achievements, and historical milestones which assisted in progressing Hanoi into Vietnam’s magical capital of today. Besides displays on everyday life, marriage and childbirth (which are far from banal) it also brings to life the lived experiences of women in the wars against the French and Americans.

Other rooms deal with contemporary phenomena like the roving merchants of Hanoi, and the cult of the Holy Mothers with Mother Goddess. The museum’s final floor features traditional clothing of women from each of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Another floor exhibits a collection of agricultural and domestic tools used by women throughout the country. The exhibits in this one museum will begin to open any traveler’s eyes to much that is compelling and special about Vietnam.



Angkor National Museum – Siem Reap, Cambodia

As the largest religious monument in the world, it’s no surprise that World Heritage listed Angkor Wat is the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia and in everyone’s top 5 must see places to visit in South East Asia. The once in a life time experience can be quite overwhelming in the humid Cambodian tropics, crowded with millions of patrons each year, all trekking through miles and miles of fascinating temple, Fully absorbing all Ankor Wat has to offer can be an arduous if not impossible feat while immersed in the ancient temples. Take some time to explore Angkor National Museum before heading to Angkor Wat. 

Angkor National Museum is an archaeological museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of Angkorian artefacts. The museums 7 galleries feature collections mainly dated from the Khmer Empire‘s Angkor period. There is an extra gallery dedicated to history of hundreds of years of Buddhism, with 1,000 Buddha images highlighting the religion’s significance in Cambodian culture.

作为世界上最大的宗教纪念碑,世界遗产名录吴哥窟是柬埔寨最受欢迎的旅游目的地,并且是每个人在东南亚必去的前5大参观地。一生中有一次经历可能会在潮湿的柬埔寨热带地区,相当令人难以置信,每年都有数百万的顾客涌入,所有徒步穿过数英里的迷人寺庙。Ankor Wat让你完全沉浸在古代寺庙中的。前往吴哥窟前需要一段时间探索吴哥国家博物馆。


Penang House of Music – Penang, Malaysia

Travel to one of the most-loved cities in Malaysia is always a good idea, especially when it has some of the best food, festivals, street art and museums. Some of these include the Upside Down MuseumCamera Museum and Ghost Museum, but here at chozun 途赞 we think one of the most underrated museum in not only Penang, but the whole of Malaysia, is Penang House of Music. Located in vibrant George Town, the museum hits the sweet spot between meticulous research and an engagingly fresh vibe.

Penang House of Music vividly display a plethora of traditional Malaysian musical instruments, holds jam sessions with respected local musicians, live sets, and has interactive exhibits to fully immerse yourself in rhythmic sounds of Malaysia.



Instagram @penanghouseofmusic

Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre – Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos is the super chill capital of South East Asia, with awesome food, stunning sunsets, copious amounts of roaring waterfalls, and world-class hand crafts. Weaving, silk work and dyeing run deep in Laos culture, and The Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre offers insights into these age old tradition.  The centre is a cultural hub of artisans where Lao textiles truly come alive. Ock Pop Tok is a wider community of talented artisans, founded 18 years ago with 5 weavers and has expanded to provide employment for over 500 women in Luang Prabang and nearby villages. Fifty percent of the revenue from Ock Pop Tok goes back into the government and NGO supported Village Weaver Projects.

Set in the grounds of a thriving tropical garden on the Mekong, it’s the perfect place to absorb the fascinating culture Laos has to offer while learning more about this unique art form. Free guided tours are available where you can  meet the weavers, immerse yourself within the artisan community, and even observe the silkworms. Unforgettable classes are provided for a small donation, specialising in traditional weaving and dyeing techniques. On site they have the Silk Road Cafe, where you can grab a coffee or refreshing sugar cane or coconut juice to. They’ll even pick you up in a tuk tuk and provide a scrumptious Laos lunch.

老挝是东南亚超级放松的首府,拥有美味的食物,令人惊叹的日落,大量咆哮的瀑布以及世界级的手工艺品。编织,丝绸作品和晕染技术等在老挝文化的深处运行,Ock Pop Tok Living工艺中心提供对这些古老传统的洞察。该中心是老挝纺织品真正活跃的工匠文化中心。 Ock Pop Tok是18年前由5位织工创立聚集具有精湛技术工匠的社区,并已扩展到为琅勃拉邦和附近村庄的500多名妇女提供了就业机会。 Ock Pop Tok 50%的收入回归给政府和NGO支持的Village Weaver项目。


Top 5 Travel Spots From A Galaxy Not So Far Away… | 不再遥远的五大旅游胜地~

A galaxy far, far away, filled with spaceships, aliens and with decentralised currencies may sound light-years away, but with blockchain we are already one step towards building that promising future. And it’s not only blockchain that is giving us a glimpse into a Star Wars like future. You can already travel to many awe inspiring destinations and picturesque landscapes from the films, right here on planet Earth.

George Lucas’ Star Wars highlights some of the most beautiful travel spots in the world. These include the mighty dunes of Luke Skywalker’s home in La Grande Dune, Tunisia, and the landing pads of the Rebels in the lush Mayan ruins of  Tikal National Park, Guatemala. Our top five locations are listed below:



1. La Grande Dune, Tunisia | 拉格兰德沙丘,突尼斯

Tunisia borders the Mediterranean sea located in north-west Africa. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful relics, mosques, beaches and glowing sprawling deserts. It also happens to be the setting of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home. You can actually book and sleep in Luke’s troglodyte home. Currently the best option for this is contacting Hotel Sidi Driss directly as their online bookings have closed.  It is accessible if you travel west of the oasis town of Nefta to Cafe des Dunes, and then ride a camel out to The Dune Sea, La Grande Dune. If you’re a Star Wars fan, Hotel Sidi Driss is not to be missed. Otherwise, La Grande Dune offers more luxurious accommodation where you can soak up the desert.

突尼斯与位于非洲西北部的地中海接壤。它是世界上最美丽的遗迹,清真寺,海滩和发光沙漠的所在地。这也恰好是卢克天行者的童年家园的背景。你实际上可以在卢克的穴居人家里预订和睡觉。目前最好的选择是直接联系Hotel Sidi Driss,因为他们的在线预订已关闭。如果您在绿洲小镇Nefta的西部前往Cafédes Dunes,然后乘坐骆驼前往La Grande Dune的The Dune Sea,便可轻松抵达。如果你是星球大战的粉丝,Hotel Sidi Driss是不容错过的。否则,La Grande Dune酒店提供更豪华的住宿,您可以在这里享受沙漠。



2. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand | 攀牙湾,泰国

From the peaceful Koh Panyee to the sheer limestone cliffs which meet the emerald-green sea of Thailand’s south western islands, Phang Nga Bay is not to be missed. Phang Nga Bay is located a boat ride away from the popular tourist destination of Phuket, but why not travel north to escape the noise and basque in the hidden beauties of  Phang Nga Bay. This dazzling location inspired Chewbacca’s (the big brown bear-man) birthplace.


3. Guilin, China | 中国,桂林

Everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, was born on planet Kashyyyk, in a lush world of eternally perfect weather. Though this location was mainly inspired by Phang Nga Bay, some shots were digitally combined with places in Guilin, China. Though both destinations may seem vastly different, they both offer calming retreats away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.


4. Mayan ruins of Tikal National Park, Guatemala | 危地马拉蒂卡尔国家公园的玛雅遗址

In Guatemala, just south of the Mexican border lie some of world’s largest Mayan temples and ruins. They are sprawled across wild jungles and rise up from the lush treeline. These thousand-year-old Mayan ruins also happen to be the backdrop to the Rebel Alliance’s outpost, which can be seen as the Millennium Falcon lands atop a building known as Temple IV. This particular temple stands tall today and can be trekked to, one of the numerous ancient temples found within Tikal National Park. Each temple offers a rich history, and sets the mind running with thoughts of the ancient civilizations that once occupied this mystifying destination.


5. Laamu Atoll, Maldives | 拉穆环礁,马尔代夫

Set on two of the Maldives oasis-like islands, the planet Scarif was a tropical paradise which became the site of a huge battle. Thankfully in the real world, the islands of Berasdhoo and Gan on the eastern side of Laamu Atoll archipelago feature no battle cries, only the soothing sounds of the deep blue ocean hitting the pristine white sand. The Laamu Atoll makes up 82 of the 1,192 Maldivian islands, while the Gan is one of the largest inhabited islands in the Maldives with its own small airport. Berasdhoo, just north of the Gan, is also one of the largest islands in the Maldives, however it is virtually uninhabited and would be best suited for a day trip.

位于马尔代夫的两个绿洲般的岛屿上,行星Scarif是一个热带天堂,成为一场巨大的战斗场地。值得庆幸的是,在现实世界中,拉姆环礁群岛东部的Berasdhoo和甘岛没有战斗的呼喊,只有深蓝色海洋舒缓的声音冲击着原始的白色沙滩。拉姆环礁占据了1,192个马尔代夫群岛中的82个岛屿,甘岛是马尔代夫最大的有人居住的岛屿之一,拥有自己的小机场。 Berasdhoo,就在甘岛以北,也是马尔代夫最大的岛屿之一,但它几乎无人居住,最适合一日游。

May the 4th be with you, chozun 途赞 ones.



Phnom Penh: A Locals Guide to an Emerging City | 在金边的一次地道的旅游

Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia has some serious competition in the tourist market.  Yet in recent years the South-East Asian country has been growing its reputation as a must-visit destination. 

与泰国,老挝和越南接壤的柬埔寨在旅游市场上有一些激烈的竞争。 然而近年来,这个东南亚国家的声誉却越发升高。

Emerging from a dark period of war and revolution Cambodia has been steadily establishing itself on the world-stage again, with tourists flocking to absorb the rich culture on offer.  Stunning temples, island hot-spots and a friendly people are abundant to those that make the journey.


For many their first encounter with Cambodia is Phnom Penh, the Kingdom’s capital. And it can be a startling first-impression; bustling and chaotic, Phnom Penh throws everything at you and invites you into the fold. We got in touch with Ruby Cray, a teacher who now calls Phnom Penh home, to get the run down on this cool and alluring city. Read on for a few of her recommendations!

对于首次接触柬埔寨的很多人来说是首都金边。第一印象可能是一个令人惊讶的; 繁华和混乱的融合,金边向你公开一切,并热情邀请你来做客。 我们与现在称金边家园的老师Ruby Cray保持了联系,让她在这个迷人的城市中探索。 请阅读她的一些建议!


How to celebrate Christmas in Asia 圣诞节在亚洲

christmas in asia

Christmas is just a western thing isn’t it? Well, not entirely. If you find yourself not wanting to succumb to hosting a dinner for 500, and wanting to escape any family arguments that may just escalate over who has control over the TV remote, you could always fly over to Asia for a different kind of Christmas. Right?!

圣诞节仅仅属于西方?不完全是。 如果你不想被举办一场500人的晚宴而压垮,如果你想逃离在家里因为争夺电视机遥控器而引发的争论,那么你可以选择来到亚洲过圣诞节。

Asia currently has the highest proportion of Buddhists, however, there are still millions of Christians home to Asia, as well as the East being more and more open to adopting western practices and celebrations. Whether it’s just for commercial capital or a serious sequence of morning mass, we’ve looked into how Christmas is celebrated across Asia:



chozun ones: The best boutique tailor in town, BEN’s Tailor Shop 胡志明市最优裁缝店

woman sewing a garment

Wondering who we’re setting you up with? We’ll be shedding the light on our travel providers & experiences from across the globe. You’ll be able to learn a little more about the people behind the business and our matches for you. You’ll discover who, what, where and why of the best massages in Melbourne, uncovering the energy of Hong Kong, seeing great art in Shanghai, the beating heart of Kuala Lumpur’s cool spots and beyond. We’re taking you behind the scenes of our #chozunones.


Behind the layers of cashmere, linen, and silk, you’ll meet NGỌC NGO, the owner of boutique, bespoke tailor – BEN’s Tailor Shop. We’ve taken away the seams to charming Ngov to learn more about what makes for the best seamstress in town.

在羊绒,亚麻和丝绸层次的背后,你会遇见NGỌC NGO,精品店的定制店主BEN的裁缝店。 我们已经将充满魅力的Ngov带到了途赞,让我们了解一下城里最好的裁缝。

“When I’m in the shop, I’m at my best. I’m happy, friendly, I feel confident and my customers make me feel alive. My shop gives me the amazing opportunity to speak with people from around the world, either locals or from afar.”

“当我在店里时,我的状态永远是最好的。 我很高兴,友好,我很自信,我的客户让我感觉自己很充实。 我的店让我有机会与来自世界各地的人,无论是当地人还是远方的人交流。”


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