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Top 5 Travel Spots From A Galaxy Not So Far Away… | 不再遥远的五大旅游胜地~

A galaxy far, far away, filled with spaceships, aliens and with decentralised currencies may sound light-years away, but with blockchain we are already one step towards building that promising future. And it’s not only blockchain that is giving us a glimpse into a Star Wars like future. You can already travel to many awe inspiring destinations and picturesque landscapes from the films, right here on planet Earth.

George Lucas’ Star Wars highlights some of the most beautiful travel spots in the world. These include the mighty dunes of Luke Skywalker’s home in La Grande Dune, Tunisia, and the landing pads of the Rebels in the lush Mayan ruins of  Tikal National Park, Guatemala. Our top five locations are listed below:



1. La Grande Dune, Tunisia | 拉格兰德沙丘,突尼斯

Tunisia borders the Mediterranean sea located in north-west Africa. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful relics, mosques, beaches and glowing sprawling deserts. It also happens to be the setting of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home. You can actually book and sleep in Luke’s troglodyte home. Currently the best option for this is contacting Hotel Sidi Driss directly as their online bookings have closed.  It is accessible if you travel west of the oasis town of Nefta to Cafe des Dunes, and then ride a camel out to The Dune Sea, La Grande Dune. If you’re a Star Wars fan, Hotel Sidi Driss is not to be missed. Otherwise, La Grande Dune offers more luxurious accommodation where you can soak up the desert.

突尼斯与位于非洲西北部的地中海接壤。它是世界上最美丽的遗迹,清真寺,海滩和发光沙漠的所在地。这也恰好是卢克天行者的童年家园的背景。你实际上可以在卢克的穴居人家里预订和睡觉。目前最好的选择是直接联系Hotel Sidi Driss,因为他们的在线预订已关闭。如果您在绿洲小镇Nefta的西部前往Cafédes Dunes,然后乘坐骆驼前往La Grande Dune的The Dune Sea,便可轻松抵达。如果你是星球大战的粉丝,Hotel Sidi Driss是不容错过的。否则,La Grande Dune酒店提供更豪华的住宿,您可以在这里享受沙漠。



2. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand | 攀牙湾,泰国

From the peaceful Koh Panyee to the sheer limestone cliffs which meet the emerald-green sea of Thailand’s south western islands, Phang Nga Bay is not to be missed. Phang Nga Bay is located a boat ride away from the popular tourist destination of Phuket, but why not travel north to escape the noise and basque in the hidden beauties of  Phang Nga Bay. This dazzling location inspired Chewbacca’s (the big brown bear-man) birthplace.


3. Guilin, China | 中国,桂林

Everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, was born on planet Kashyyyk, in a lush world of eternally perfect weather. Though this location was mainly inspired by Phang Nga Bay, some shots were digitally combined with places in Guilin, China. Though both destinations may seem vastly different, they both offer calming retreats away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.


4. Mayan ruins of Tikal National Park, Guatemala | 危地马拉蒂卡尔国家公园的玛雅遗址

In Guatemala, just south of the Mexican border lie some of world’s largest Mayan temples and ruins. They are sprawled across wild jungles and rise up from the lush treeline. These thousand-year-old Mayan ruins also happen to be the backdrop to the Rebel Alliance’s outpost, which can be seen as the Millennium Falcon lands atop a building known as Temple IV. This particular temple stands tall today and can be trekked to, one of the numerous ancient temples found within Tikal National Park. Each temple offers a rich history, and sets the mind running with thoughts of the ancient civilizations that once occupied this mystifying destination.


5. Laamu Atoll, Maldives | 拉穆环礁,马尔代夫

Set on two of the Maldives oasis-like islands, the planet Scarif was a tropical paradise which became the site of a huge battle. Thankfully in the real world, the islands of Berasdhoo and Gan on the eastern side of Laamu Atoll archipelago feature no battle cries, only the soothing sounds of the deep blue ocean hitting the pristine white sand. The Laamu Atoll makes up 82 of the 1,192 Maldivian islands, while the Gan is one of the largest inhabited islands in the Maldives with its own small airport. Berasdhoo, just north of the Gan, is also one of the largest islands in the Maldives, however it is virtually uninhabited and would be best suited for a day trip.

位于马尔代夫的两个绿洲般的岛屿上,行星Scarif是一个热带天堂,成为一场巨大的战斗场地。值得庆幸的是,在现实世界中,拉姆环礁群岛东部的Berasdhoo和甘岛没有战斗的呼喊,只有深蓝色海洋舒缓的声音冲击着原始的白色沙滩。拉姆环礁占据了1,192个马尔代夫群岛中的82个岛屿,甘岛是马尔代夫最大的有人居住的岛屿之一,拥有自己的小机场。 Berasdhoo,就在甘岛以北,也是马尔代夫最大的岛屿之一,但它几乎无人居住,最适合一日游。

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