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Melbourne for the Chinese Traveller Part One


Did you know Melbourne’s Chinatown is the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the Western world?! This, along with the fact that Melbourne is one of the world’s most livable, safe cities makes it the ideal place for a trip. If you’re thinking of heading to Melbourne on the next holiday . Our insider Coco Yang (born in China, has lived in Melbourne since she was 5) shares her tips for things to do, see, eat and enjoy when you are there.

你知道墨尔本的唐人街是所有西方国家中最长的吗?! 此外墨尔本也被公认为世界上最宜居最安全的城市之一,使之自然而然的成为理想旅游胜地。如果你在考虑下个假期去墨尔本度假,不妨听听我们的达人Coco Yang(中国出生,5岁移居墨尔本)为你分享的城市实用小贴士吧。

Hottest Products to Watch out for on your travels

Our chozun 途赞 Insiders have handpicked six of the top trending brands from around the world for you to look out on your next shopping venture as you travel (or order online if you can’t wait to get your hands on these).

As consumers, we all look for quality and a deeper level of trust in brands, that’s why we’ve shortlisted only the best of the best products for 2017 across various shopping categories, from some of the coolest destinations in the world. (more…)

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