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#chozunaday: We explore Berkshire, Geneva, Nuremberg, Kyoto & Petrinja

chozun 途赞 continues to celebrate many exciting events around the world this week! Here’s a snapshot of #chozunaday:

Celebrated: Kate Middleton’s birthday

Place: Berkshire, England (Kate’s birthplace)

Date: 9 January

How chozun celebrated: Co-Founder Zia (UK born) introduced 3 famous towns in Berkshire to explore.

3 famous towns in Berkshire to explore:

  1. Historic Windsor is the home of Windsor Castle
  2. Reading – famous for the music festival
  3. Newbury – a market town known for its racing heritage


Celebrated: Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 10 January

How chozun celebrated: The team (attempted) to bake chocolate chip cookies using Bittersweet Chocolate [insert imagination for outcome]

Visiting Geneva? 3 places you may want to check out:

  1. Jet d’Eau (world’s tallest fountain) – when landing, this lakeside fountain is the first dramatic glimpse you get of Geneva.
  2. Old Town – Wander the maze of cobblestone streets & discover Geneva’s secrets for yourself.
  3. The Salève – Ride the gondola up mountain & hike up the trails.


Celebrated: German Apple Day

Place: Nuremberg, Germany

Date: 11 January

How chozun celebrated: We brought a bag of Apples for our Co-Working space & competed to guess the brand of Apples.

Why you should visit Nuremberg:

  1. Famous Castles – plenty of them! The best views of the Old City of Nuremberg can be seen from Kaiserburg Castle.
  2. Delicious Nurnbergers – Nuremberg’s distinctive sausage – give that a try!


Celebrated: Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹)’s birthday day

Place: Kyoto, Japan

Date: 12 January

How chozun celebrated: Watched “The Second Bakery Attack”, a movie based on Murakami’s short stories.

As the former imperial capital, Kyoto’s cuisine is linked to its regal history & landlocked geography. 3 must-try foods in Kyoto:

  1. Kyoto-style ramen – thick & rich, prepared for 14 hours
  2. Kaiseki – multi-course elaborate feasts, traditionally served before tea ceremonies
  3. Soy milk doughnuts – for the sweet tooth in you – get them drowned in brown sugar or drizzled in chocolate & caramel.


Celebrated: Being lucky on Friday 13th

Place: Petrinja, Croatia

Date: 13 January

Petrinja is birthplace to a man named Frano Selak, who became known as the world’s luckiest man after cheating death 7 times, surviving many accidents, then winning the lottery in 2003.

How chozun celebrated: Shortlisting the luckiest places to travel in the world.

Until next week…

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