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#chozunaday: Celebrations in New York, Andalusia, Ningbo, Lombok & Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

chozun 途赞 continues to celebrate everyday with #chozunaday.

Here’s what we’ve celebrated this week with the lead up to Christmas:

Celebrated: Titanic (the movie) was released, 19 years go

Place: New York (Titanic, the ships, anticipated destination)

Date: 18 December

How chozun celebrated: The team attempting dancing to Frank Sinatra’s, New York, New York.

Heading to New York this week pre-Christmas? Here’s some awesome things to do:

1. Winter Village at Bryant Park for some magic

2. Chelsea Market for some non conventional little Gifts

3. George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker for your theatre fix

4. ABC Kitchen for an organic, local feed

5. Finish it off with a fab cocktail at Seamstress in the Upper East Side

Celebrated: Sangria Day

Place: Andalusia, Spain

Date: 19 December

How chozun celebrated: Co-Founder Teresa attempted to dance the Flamenco! Seriously, attempted. And may have had a Sangria too.

Ever tried gazpacho? A soup made of raw vegetables, a tomato base & served cold. It’s originated in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia- very refreshing along with a jug of Sangria for those warm Summer nights!

Celebrated: Winter Solstice Festival

Place: Ningbo, China

Date: 21 December

How chozun celebrated: We dressed up, to keep very warm & explained an ancient Chinese beliefs around Solstice. Chinese believe, as the days get longer, the nights shorter, positive energy will come into the universe. In Southern China, on this day, families get together and eat tangyuan (汤圆)!

Celebrated: Mothers Day, Indonesia

Place: Lombok, Indonesia

Date: 22 December

How chozun celebrated: Practiced their surfing technique (read: lack there of). Tips for travelling to Lombok: embraced outdoor activities, encouraged everyone to take a surf lesson, climb Gunung Rinjan or hire a bike & ride around Gili!

Celebrated: Night of the Radishes

Place: Oaxaca, Mexico

Date: 23 December

A quirky event, dedicated to the carving of large radishes! You heard right, carving radishes! A day, dedicated to this.

How chozun celebrated: Co-Founders reminisced of their time in Oaxaca, where they saw some traditional Mexican wrestling!

Evidence of our celebrations and poor dance moves, can be found here.

Happy Holidays!

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