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chozun one: Pedicured to Perfection with Fingerwork 途赞会员:Fingerwork, 完美你的指甲

Leaving you pedicured to perfection, this week we pencil you in for a chat with girl boss of Fingerwork, Melissa Tam.

想有完美的指甲彩绘吗?本周我们介绍您认识指甲彩绘女老板 Melissa Tam.

“I knew it was time for something new and something that I really wanted – ownership – a project that I could truly call my own.”

“我意识到是时候做些新颖且自己向往的事了 – 所有权,一个让我可以说真正属于我的项目。”

Name: Fingerwork
Location: Singapore
Service: Beauty treatments




Goodbye corporate, hello customers – what made Fingerwork happen?

和企业说再见,对客人说你好 – 是什么让Fingerwork成立起来了?

Feeling drained and tired of the corporate world with the dawn of a ‘mid-life crisis’ hanging over me, I knew it was time for something new and something that I really wanted – ownership – a project that I could truly call my own.

我受够为企业工作时受到的“中年危机”,我意识到是时候做些新颖且自己向往的事了 – 所有权,一个让我可以说真正属于我的项目。

This lust for something more led me to quit my stable job and head back to school; beauty school. I took courses in nail care, foot reflexology, massage, and after gaining experience as a full-time Nail Technician, I realised that this was my passion and the only way to fulfil my dream. I made the change 15 years ago now and I’ve never looked back. I love being a business owner as it puts me in charge and I get to make the decision (be it right or wrong), and be responsible for it.


Always learning – was the road to starting a business as smooth as your polished tips?

永无止境的学习 – 是创业成功的秘诀?

When the business just started, there were many teething problems. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know or wasn’t prepared for. Luckily, I’ve had many friends and customers offering me advice and supporting me throughout the process. Fingerwork has come a long way from a rented shared space in a beauty salon to a fully operational beauty salon. But there are still many things to learn about; this industry always has new innovations and ideas, so our menu of services is always expanding to keep up-to-date with the times. I’m always learning.


Choosing the right shade – how do you make sure customers leave with their fingers dancing?

挑选最合适的颜色 – 你如何向客户保证他们对自己的指甲满意?

We’re a boutique salon providing personalised services so we can go the extra mile to really get to know all of our customers as people: their personalities, likes and dislikes, and making personal follow-ups with them.


To me, good customer service is about providing services efficiently and to the best of our abilities. It’s about ensuring that customers are happy with what they have paid for and doing whatever we can to meet different needs and remain positive in doing so.”


Most popular services: pedicures, gel manicures, and Brazilian wax.


Favourite place in the world: Singapore is my favourite place in the world because this is home; it’s where my family and friends are!


chozun 途赞 Travellers say: “Just what I needed – Melissa gave me the personal care and attention. I couldn’t ask for better customer service”

chozun 途赞顾客寄语:“真是我所需要的 – Melissa 给了非常人性化的服务。我不能再要求更好了”

chozun 途赞 Loves: Personal care & treatments, Fingerwork get to know exactly what you’re after & deliver it. 

chozun 途赞热爱:个人护理,Fingerwork很清楚他们的服务对象及他们该做什么。

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