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chozun one: Global Vegan Venturer & Restauranter, Daphne Cheng 途赞会员:环球素食冒险家及餐厅老板

Wondering who we’re setting you up with? We’ll be shedding the light on our travel providers & experiences from across the globe. You’ll be able to learn a little more about the people behind the business and our matches for you. You’ll discover who, what, where and why of the best massages in Melbourne, uncovering the energy of Hong Kong, seeing great art in Shanghai, the beating heart of Kuala Lumpur’s cool spots and beyond. We’re taking you behind the scenes of our #chozunones.


We’re proudly introducing you to the haute, vegan cuisine creator, the delightful Daphne Cheng. As stylish as her cooking, Daphne is our go-to dinner party hostess with the mostest and is soon to open her own cool and casual vegan restaurant, ‘Uptown’, in Shanghai early next year. So brace your taste buds for the sexiest veggies of your life; cooked by the leading lady aiming to heighten the vegan movement in the biggest city in the world.

我们非常自豪的向你介绍一位高贵的素食美食家,可爱的Daphne Cheng。 人如其佳肴,Daphne 是我们晚餐会的女主人,她很快就要拥有属于自己风格的素食餐厅了,‘Uptown’会在明年年初在上海营业。大胆的去品尝你生命中最性感的素食佳肴吧;主厨的是志向引领素食在全球更受欢迎的女士。

“I’ve gained a respect for everything on my plate and really appreciate and saviour every mouthful. Sharing my knowledge on vegan food is an amazing position to be in and making people happy with my creations is the best feeling.”


Name: Daphne Cheng
Location: New York & Shanghai
Service: Restaurant & Private Dining Experiences

名称:Daphne Cheng

位置:纽约 & 上海


Chicago girl moved to NYC, why then the move to Shanghai?


“I moved to Shanghai last October for a new opportunity. I’d worked in New York for the past seven years experimenting with plant based food, opening and leading restaurants, and creating vegan communities for people to come together. New York has vegan joints popping up on every block so I felt my work was complete; they no longer needed me.”


“I’m here in Shanghai to open minds to a vegan lifestyle through online classes, my own restaurant with private dinners, and generally just being in the public eye. Meat has a long history in this country, firstly seen as a privilege and luxury as it was rare, but now seen less as a status symbol with more and more consuming meat, at what will soon be an unsustainable rate. With 1.4 billion people in China, changing their impact on the food chain could be phenomenal and I hope to be a part of this. They say a minute in New York is a second in Shanghai, so who knows what could be achieved in the next few years.”


A vegan venturer – What made you switch?

一个素食冒险者 – 什么让你有这样的转变?

“I first turned vegetarian at the age of 12 after watching some traumatic slaughter house videos. I couldn’t eat meat after that. A few years later at around 14/15 years old, I read more studies into how food can affect your health and not only that, how what you eat can affect the environment around you. From here on I chose to lead a vegan lifestyle. Meat production is the biggest contributor to green house gasses and climate change is very real, that can’t be denied.

“我第一次成为素食者是在12岁时看了一些屠宰场的视频。之后我便再也不能吃肉了。几年后差不多在我14 、15岁,我阅读了更多关于食物是如何影响我们健康的材料,不仅如此,我们吃的习惯能改变环境。从此我决定引领素食生活方式。肉的生产是绿色环境的最大贡献者,气候变化是真的,我们不能否认。”

Lauren and Jason Frank 2012      Lauren 和Jason Frank 2012

More to changing a diet – What’s your advice for helping others switch to vegan?

更多的是改变饮食习惯 – 你对帮助其他人成为素食者有什么建议吗?

“Turning vegan is about being mindful of what you eat, switching not only your diet but your mind-set. It shouldn’t be seen as something you’re giving up or sacrificing, you’re in fact doing the opposite; you’re adding lives, adding to your own, and helping to save the environment. You’re putting nutrients into your diet, eating foods that are good for you, leading to better health, and ultimately, you’ll feel happier for it. The labels of veganism or vegetarianism shouldn’t have these negative connotations that society has placed on them; for it to be weird or strange. It should be a celebration.”


Making greens the centre stage, how and why do you do it?


“I pay attention to food and thrive on creativity, so I’m able to look at foods in a different light each time. I’ve created over 1100 vegan dishes so people can’t say there’s little choice for vegans [laughs]. I used to eat a lot of food without really thinking about it, but over the years I’ve gained a respect for everything on my plate and really appreciate and saviour every mouthful. Sharing my knowledge on vegan food is an amazing position to be in and making people happy with my creations is the best feeling.”


Go to meal: a quick and simple salad or Pho Vietnamese noodles.
Favourite dinner party: Stella McCartney’s Beijing store opening event. She dressed me in an amazing dress and had two servings of my whipped cream dessert. My mushroom xialongbao also went down a treat.

用餐: 简单快速的色拉 或者越南河粉。

最喜爱的晚餐派对:Stella McCartney’s 北京开业活动。它让我穿非常漂亮的裙子,用了我的2份奶油甜点。我的蘑菇小笼包也非常的受欢迎。

Uptown is looking to open in February 2018, where you’re guaranteed to find a fun and casual neighbourhood spot with inspiring veggie dishes rooted in Chinese cooking. A beautifully designed place where people can hang out and relax, chinese dishes will be served with a contemporary edge fusing international flavours from around the world. If you’re still not convinced that going green is the way forward, you’ll soon be able to try it for yourself. Stay up to date with chozun 途赞  for news on the upcoming restaurant & Daphne’s private dinners.

Uptown 准备在2018年2月开业,我们保证你会在这里找到愉快的体验,能让吃惯中餐的人们受到素食的启发。这里精美的装潢设计也是你休息的好地方,这里的中餐会带有世界各地的味道。如果你还没有被称为素食信服,你会因为自己的体验而开始尝试。关注chozun 途赞 获得更多信息吧。

You’ll get special access to Daphne’s dinners & more, with chozun 途赞. 


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