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This week we’re assured to never be lost in translation with the highly professional Qing Zhang, from Creed Zhang.

“It’s important to be alert, sharp in knowledge & stay on the edge.”

Name: Creed Zhang

Location: China, Singapore, Thailand, New York

Service: Chinese / English Interpretation

Flexibility & passion – what drove the creation of Creed Zhang?

With five years of experience in the international trade industry and seven years working as a freelance conference interpreter, I decided to take things into my own hands and create Creed Zhang. After attending countless business meetings which discussed the depths of healthcare, financial, and investment industries, I gained both the knowledge as well as solid, hands-on experience to go on my own.

As a freelancer, I had a huge amount of flexibility and grew a passion for dealing with different kinds of businessmen and women. I was fascinated with the corporate world and how communication played such a huge role in business – from first interactions, to concluding final deals.

Professional, tailored solutions – how do you get it right?

It’s paramount to stay professional at all times, and be consistent by always sticking to my own ethical code – being respectful and making sure I keep client confidentiality and integrity. I always ensure accuracy in interpretation, and I am honest in all circumstances. These values are very important to me.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

To ensure that the people I work with have a customised experience, I always prepare communications way in advance so there can’t be any bad surprises or hiccups on the way. I find that it’s important to be alert, stay sharp, and stay on the edge to keep on top of my game. Focussing on the customer’s needs and coming up with a tailored solution is the best part of being a business owner.

I also get to know their business and truly understand their needs. Not just interpret.

What translates (see what we did there…)  as your most popular service?

Consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting for conferences and workshops.

What does this mean? (…we ask)

Consecutive interpreting means I wait for the speaker to say a few words or sentences and then pause for me to interpret. And Simultaneous interpreting is almost simultaneously happening during my interpretation without interrupting the speaker’s pace.

Fatigue / energy levels – do you ever get exhausted and how do you maintain your concentration? 

Good question. I often go to the gym, keep fit and active. I do different kinds of workouts to rejuvenate my body as well as eat a natural diet. I make sure I do this to maintain energy and am always in a premium state to serve the client.

Favourite place in the world? 

New York, New York – the vibe, keeps me upbeat, it motivates me to be better person in all aspects at all levels.

chozun 途赞 Travellers say: “Creed’s interpretation was seamless – I was able to speak naturally, and felt very comfortable. He really understood my business and needs from the outset

chozun 途赞 Loves: If you want to feel comfortable on stage, in a meeting room – Creed has a personal approach. 

chozun 途赞 Offer: For multiple days of interpretation, contact chozun for a special discount. 

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Author: Saffron Otter

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