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The sister act that brought you Hong Kong Getaway Private Tour makes your acquaintance this week, with inside knowledge from Co-founder, Mandy Cheung.

“We decided that the best way to show people how fascinating Hong Kong is, is to invite travellers to walk with us, listen to the stories and feel the energy of the city with us.”

Business: Hong Kong Getaway Private Tour

Location: Hong Kong

Service: Local Guide


Explore like a local – why are you the ones for the job?

Mandy begins to tell us…

My sister Apple and I have delivered more than 1,250 tours since starting out four years ago. As born and bred Hong Kongers, yet fluent English speakers, we discovered that all the mainstream tours in Hong Kong were either provided by expat/foreign tour guides or commercialised, big tour companies. If you want to see the real Hong Kong that we love, then we’re the perfect companion.

A different tour entirely – what’s unique about the tours you provide?

Different cultures, backgrounds and interests play a big role in understanding what tourists want to see and do. A couple of friends from Britain might want to see something entirely different from the Californian family. It’s really important to appreciate these factors. The eagerness to listen and observe, the patience to understand, the desire to satisfy, and a humble mind, are all keys to successful customer service.

Walk us through a tour…

We decided that the best way to show people how fascinating Hong Kong is, is to invite travellers to walk with us, listen to the stories and feel the energy of the city with us. We carry out the tours in a three part process so visitors get the most out of discovering our home; before, we’ll go through the itinerary, during, we observe their interests and adjust the content accordingly, and after, we provide suggestions so they can further explore the city by themselves.


Mix it up – what’s the most popular service you offer?

The Food and Cultural Tour of Hong Kong comes out on top with our customers, which is a combination of popular tourist sites, interesting local markets off-the-beaten-track, and of course, most importantly, tasting all the delicious food Hong Kong has to offer. So it’s a great mix.

What’s next for Hong Kong Tours?

We don’t want to only be showing off Hong Kong. We’re hoping to expand our tours to the neighbouring city of Macau – Asia’s Las Vegas – after noticing a need for growing tourism there, in particular, day trips from our hometown. We’ll see you there!

What are you striving for? 

Flexibility with our tours & to be the best.

Favourite place in the world?

Hong Kong, of course!

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