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chozun ones: Mamalee (putting the M in Malaysian cuisine) 途赞成员: 马来西亚饭店推荐: Mamalee

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We booked you in for a table for two with Cavin Khoo, the restaurant owner of Mamalee, which undoubtedly puts the M into Malaysian food.

我们为你与Mamalee饭店的创始人Cavin Khoo留了座。这是一个低到的马来美食。

“We wanted our customers to feel at home in our restaurant, from tasting our authentic and traditional food, to the whole dining experience.”

Name: Mamalee
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Service: Restaurant



Home is where the heart is – What were the ingredients for creating Mamalee?

Our vision was to share our family recipes from generations down the line; my mother’s secret recipes, and her mother’s before her. We wanted our customers to feel at home in our restaurant, from tasting our authentic and traditional food, to the whole dining experience. We’re a low-key, warm and homely setup that provides good food at a good price. We just want our customers to be happy and satisfied.

家是我们心在的地方 – 什么配方造就了Mamalee饭店呢?


Sharing is caring – Why be a business owner?

The best part of owning the business is making my mother proud, and making something of her recipes – they deserve to be shared with others so they can too experience the joy I had of growing up with her home cooking. Mamalee allows me to control my own time and it forces me to step out of my comfort zone and dare to make changes.

分享便是关怀 – 为什么成为一名商人?


How do you look after your customers?

The three key staples: patience, attentiveness and have a calming presence – this makes our restaurateurs feel relaxed and welcome. We always listen to our customers and are open to their comments; we treat them like friends.


有3个要素:耐心,专注及与处在当下 – 这让我们的开餐厅的感觉既放松又平易近人。我们听从顾客的心声,接受他们的点评,就像朋友一样的对待每一位客人。

The future for tradition – What’s in line for Mamalee?

We currently provide great value lunch boxes that fly off the shelves with local workers and businesses in the area, and free delivery is also convenient for busy workers. But we’re soon hoping to have our own delivery drivers and have the aim of expanding our outlets to shopping malls, so more people of Kuala Lumpur can enjoy our food.

Most popular service: Free delivery (especially for those in town on business & stuck in the office)!



最受欢迎服务: 免费派送 (尤其是被困在工作岗位上的人士)

Favourite place in the world: Japan  – nice food, vibrant streets

全球最受欢迎地方:日本 – 食物精美,充满生气的街道

chozun 途赞 Travellers say: “Authentic cuisine, reasonably priced & service with a big smile“

chozun 途赞 Loves: Nasi Lemak “Buttermilk Salted Egg Fried Chicken”.

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Author: Saffron Otter

chozun 途赞顾客寄语:“味道很地道,价格很合理,服务很周到。”
chozun 途赞热爱:Nasi Lemak“酪乳咸鸡蛋炸鸡”
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