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chozun ones: The best boutique tailor in town, BEN’s Tailor Shop 胡志明市最优裁缝店

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Behind the layers of cashmere, linen, and silk, you’ll meet NGỌC NGO, the owner of boutique, bespoke tailor – BEN’s Tailor Shop. We’ve taken away the seams to charming Ngov to learn more about what makes for the best seamstress in town.

在羊绒,亚麻和丝绸层次的背后,你会遇见NGỌC NGO,精品店的定制店主BEN的裁缝店。 我们已经将充满魅力的Ngov带到了途赞,让我们了解一下城里最好的裁缝。

“When I’m in the shop, I’m at my best. I’m happy, friendly, I feel confident and my customers make me feel alive. My shop gives me the amazing opportunity to speak with people from around the world, either locals or from afar.”

“当我在店里时,我的状态永远是最好的。 我很高兴,友好,我很自信,我的客户让我感觉自己很充实。 我的店让我有机会与来自世界各地的人,无论是当地人还是远方的人交流。”

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Service: Bespoke tailoring and alterations

名称:Ngov Ngo

位置: 越南,胡志明市


Location, location, location – a hidden treasure worth finding

位置 – 一个值得寻找的宝藏

“Growing up I had a fascination with how clothes made people feel. I was in awe of those who could make their own designs and so I taught myself how to sew. I wanted to put my love of sewing to use and make people feel good about themselves; to give people the confidence that clothes can bring, so I decided to start my own bespoke tailoring business from scratch. Combine this with my love of communicating with foreigners, and BEN’s Tailor Shop was born.”

“长大以后,我认为衣服让人感觉很有魅力。 我敬畏那些可以自己设计的人,所以我教自己如何缝制。 我想用我的爱来缝纫,让人们感受到自己的用心; 使人们的衣服可以带来信心,所以我决定开始自的裁缝生涯。 结合我与外国人沟通的热爱,BEN的裁缝店诞生了。”

“But it wasn’t an overnight process. It took a lot of hard work and a very long time to find the right place to launch the shop. We wanted a location which clients could easily find, especially for tourists, but not to be amongst other similar businesses. From the get go, we wanted to be thoughtful towards our customers and give them a relaxed shopping experience; supplying the best fabrics, best fit and best price. We wanted to stand out, just like our garments.

“但这不是一夜之间的过程。 经过很长时间才找到合适的地方来开店。 我们想要一个客户可以很容易地找到的位置,尤其是对于游客,而不是夹杂在其他类似的业务中。 从一开始,我们想要对顾客进行仔细研究,给他们一个轻松的购物体验; 提供最好的面料,最合适的和最好的价格。 我们想脱颖而出,就像我们的服装一样。”

What are the key pieces for great customer service?


“The fit is everything. We ensure our tailoring is a perfect fit on the client and we make sure to always complete the garments on time, and at a good price. We meet the needs for different clients by being able to tailor great pieces in such a short space of time – it means we have a lot of flexibility with what we can create. This is why I love my job. One day I’ll be seaming a vibrant suit from any colour, to a lavish evening gown in any fabric the next. Anything is possible.”

“合适就是一切。 我们确保我们的剪裁是客户的完美契合,我们确保始终按时完成服装,并且价格合理。 我们能够在如此短的时间内量身打造精品,满足不同客户的需求 – 这意味着我们可以创造出很多灵活性。 这就是为什么我爱我的工作。 有一天,我会从缝制一个任何颜色的并且充满活力的西装,到任何面料奢侈的晚礼服。 一切皆有可能。”


Growing with the business


“The best part of being a business owner is that I don’t only see my business grow, but I also see my charisma grow along with it. When I’m in the shop, I’m at my best. I’m happy, friendly, I feel confident and my customers make me feel alive. My shop gives me the amazing opportunity to speak with people from around the world, either locals or from afar. We’re even hoping to expand our services to other local, bustling areas in Vietnam soon.”

成为企业家最好的就是,我不仅看到我的业务成长,我也看到我的魅力与它一起成长。当我在店里时,我的状态永远是最好的。 我很高兴,友好,我很自信,我的客户让我感觉自己很充实。 我的店让我有机会与来自世界各地的人,无论是当地人还是远方的人交流。 我们甚至希望尽快将我们的服务扩大到越南其他地方繁华的地区。”

Most popular service: Being able to make suits in one or two days – the turnover is ideal for tourists
Favourite place in the world: The USA because my family live and work there – I hope to do business there one day

最受欢迎服务:在1-2天内完成定制 – 为游客提供便捷

全球最喜欢的地方:美国,因为我的家人在那里工作生活 – 我喜欢有一天我能在那里创业。

bens tailor shop customers

Some tourists from the USA trying on their new, bespoke suits 美国游客的体验

chozun 途赞 Travellers say: “Ngov was so kind, smart, friendly, and passionate. Her shop is in a popular area, but its hidden down some stairs and stands out amongst the rest for the fabrics, organisation, and quality. The shop is stylish and professional, with bright lighting, and it’s also very vibrant because of the number of awesome but curated fabrics.”

chozun 途赞 游客说:“Ngov很善良,聪明,友好,热情。 她的店在一个很受欢迎的地方,但它隐藏在楼下。在面料,组织和质量方面都很突出。 这家商店时尚而专业,灯光明亮。因为出色的面料使这里非常有活力。”

chozun 途赞 Loves: If you want a tailor made suit in just 24 hours, this is the place to go 

chozun 途赞喜爱:如果你想要在24小时之内完成西服定制,这里是你的选择

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