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Drink your way around Europe – happy Sangria Day! 欧洲的饮酒文化 – 桑格利亚节


Pack a punch to your December with a day dedicated to the Spanish, fruity, wine beverage – Sangria. Forget Christmas, Sangria Day (Wednesday 20th December) is the holiday that every wine lover has been looking forward to all year; giving the perfect excuse for friends to come together over plenty of jugs filled with the red stuff.

为您的十二月份再添色彩,献上西班牙水果葡萄酒饮料 – 桑格利亚(Sangria)。 暂且忘记圣诞节,桑格利亚日(12月20日星期三)是每个葡萄酒爱好者一直期待的日子; 给朋友们提供了一个完美的借口,让大量充满红色东西的水壶聚在一起。

Although the wine is drunk around the world, Sangria originates in Spain, which is the third most visited country in the world, with 75.6 million international visitors in 2016, a 10.3% increase on 2015. Is it any wonder when you can experience the true, authentic taste of Spanish Sangria?


Over 2,000 years ago, Romans were in Spain planting vineyards at a time when the water was unsafe to drink. It was customary to use alcohol to kill off any bacteria, but the Romans didn’t stop here. They wanted to disguise the taste of average table wine so they watered it down and added herbs and spices to the mix. As a deep, dark red shade, the drink became known as ‘Sangre,’ the word for blood in Spanish. It was so good that it was then kept on as a tradition of Spain. (Thank goodness for the Romans).

两千多年前,罗马人在西班牙种植葡萄园的时候,水不能用来直接喝。 他们习惯用酒精杀死水中的细菌,但罗马人并没有就此停住。 他们想要掩盖红酒特有的味道,所以他们在水中加入了草药和香料。 作为一种深红色的饮品,这种饮料被称为“Sangre”,西班牙语中译为的血液。 它如此之受欢迎,以至于它作为了西班牙的传统。 (感谢罗马人的善意)。

Today, there is no set recipe for Sangria, which makes it a versatile drink that everyone at the party can enjoy. There’s a variety of recipes that you can even make in your own kitchen by adding honey and sugar, or soda, and plenty of fruit. From berries to peaches, to summer recipes where Sangria boasts as an ice-cold refreshment to cool off, to a comforting spiced drink in the winter. Cheers to that!

今天,没有固定的桑格利亚的制作配方,这使得它是一个富有创意的饮料,每个人都可以享受。 它具有各种各样的配方,你甚至可以在自己的厨房里加入蜂蜜和糖,或苏打水和大量的水果。 从浆果到桃子,夏日食谱桑格利亚成为一个凉快的茶点,在冬季可以作为温馨的饮料。 干杯!

Sangria is the national drink to Spain, but how many national drinks have you tried around neighbouring countries in Europe? We take a look into the best national, European alcoholic beverages so you can drink yourself across the globe.

桑格利亚(Sangria)是西班牙的国酒。那么你在欧洲周边国家尝过多少种国酒? 我们来看看欧洲的酒精饮料,这样你就可以在全球各地选择自己的口味了。

national drinks across europe

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