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Eat Your Way Through the Unique Taipei 吃遍台北

Taipei is a city that does things its own way.  Drawing on Japanese, Chinese and American influences, the capital of Taiwan is an eclectic city which has developed an identity distinctly its own.  Sprawling night markets, fantastic shopping and quirky youth culture are underpinned by an exceedingly friendly people, eager to share with you their city. Be prepared to eat your way through its narrow streets and discover a city built with care and passion.


Eat and Drink 吃喝

Taipei is known for its night markets.  In particular, the expansive Shilin night market is a perfect place to eat a range of local food whilst picking up some gifts for back home.  Make your way through the web of narrow lanes that play host to hundreds of stalls, selling everything from deep-fried taro balls to the infamous ‘stinky tofu’.


To soak up Taipei’s youth culture be sure to head to Ximen in the Wanhua district.  Walking out from the station you almost feel like you’ve stepped into Shibuya, Tokyo; you’ll be assaulted by bright lights, countless shops and a frenzy of young people.  There’s also plenty to eat and drink here to.  Stroll past the bars on Chengdu St, pull up a chair at one of the many street side tables and watch the people float by.  For eating, it’s hard to walk further than five metres without passing a street stall serving up something delicious, and cheap.


If it’s a taste of Taipei’s quirky side you’re after, Modern Toilet Restaurant is worth a look.  Believe or not the name is not misleading, as all the dishes are served in…toilets. It’s something that has to be seen to believed, and with multiple locations around Taipei it’s easy to fit into your schedule.


We recommend:

To sample Taiwan’s craft beer scene, try The 58 Bar.

No. 58, Section 2, Kaifeng Street, Wamhua District.


体验精酿啤酒,请尝试The 58 Bar



To get to Modern Toilet Restaurant check out one of their two locations:


2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City

2F., No.173, Wenlin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Culture 文化

Food is something inherently tied to the culture of Taiwan. As mentioned before, its hard to move far through Taipei without running into a packed restaurant or street-food stall.  If this is a little overwhelming, a food tour is a great way to see the best of what’s on offer. Taipei Eats is our pick of the tours on offer, which takes you on a leisurely four hour journey to all the gastronomical delights of Taipei.  You’ll be able to sample a range of foods, learn a bit of the history behind it all and gain a unique insight into what is undoubtedly a crucial part of Taiwanese life.


For a quieter day of exploring, Fujin St is a great place to explore the hipster side of the city. This quiet and leafy street is a stark contrast to the bustling Ximen area, but is no less enjoyable.  Wander through its impressive cafes, record shops and clothing stores to get a look into the cool culture of Taiwan.


We recommend: 我们推荐

To book a tour with Taipei Eats, head to



For a great breakfast and excellent coffee make sure to stop at Fujin Tree #353 Cafe.

早餐和咖啡的选择可以尝试 Fujin Tree #353 Cafe.

105, Fujin St, Songshan District.



It doesn’t get cooler than browsing through hip-hop vinyl whilst grabbing an inventive cocktail. Head to Beans and Beats, home of Taiwanese music label ‘Kao!’.

没有什么比一边来一杯创意鸡尾酒一边感受Hip Hop更酷了,推荐场所Beans and Beats

346 Fujin St, Songshan District.


Getting the view 饱览景观

Eaten more than your fill? Feeling like a workout? Elephant Mountain is an achievable hike right near the heart of Taipei, offering amazing aerial views of the city and a chance to wake up from your holiday food coma.  It’s not far from Taipei 101, and will take about 15-20 minutes to climb the stairs to the top.  It is recommended that if you’re looking to catch a decent sunset, Elephant Mountain is the place to go.


Worthy day trips 值得的一日游

Looking to escape briefly from Taiwan’s hustle and bustle? Take the bus to the mountainous town of Jiufen.  It’s winding alleyways and markets are what inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s famous film ‘Spirited Away’.  Try getting a little lost off the main tourist walk to explore some of the back streets.  You’ll find magnificent views of the town nestled into the surrounding mountains, as well as glimpses of the ocean in the distance.


Happy travels!



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