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Exploring on two wheels – the coolest cycling spots in SE Asia 两个轮子的探索 – 东南亚最酷的骑车胜地

What better way to see South East Asia (SEA) than by bicycle. Exploring with a bike gives you the opportunity to experience your world at your own pace, allowing you to stop over whenever and wherever you like. Not only is cycling the most eco-friendly mode of transport, it’s also one of the most budget friendly, making it the best fit to explore notoriously cheap SEA.


Pedalling your way around permits you to truly take in your surroundings; you’re open on the road, released from the confinement of four walls with no unwanted reflections in windows; there’s the opportunity to inhale new scents of lush rice fields or sizzling street food; you can listen to the sounds of nature at its best, which you might miss behind a chuckling exhaust pipe.


This week holds national ‘Go For A Ride’ day, so to give the credit that biking deserves, we’ve put together our go to guide on the coolest cycling spots in SE – from routes taking over a week, to a few hours. Whether you’re a Sunday stroller or Bradley Wiggins rival, there’s a trip that’ll leave you learning about a country in the most exposed and raw way.

本周将举办全国性的“全民来骑车”,为了体现自行车带来的好处,我们把我们的路程从一周到几个小时的路程放到了东南部最酷的单车路线上。 无论你是星期天漫步者还是布拉德利·威金斯(Bradley Wiggins)的对手,都会有一次让你以最暴露和最原始的方式了解一个国家的旅行。

National Highway 1, Vietnam 国家高速1号公路,越南

Vietnam’s Highway 1 offers the peddle of a lifetime with a route spanning between the country’s two biggest cities, Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh in the south. A journey that now symbolises national unity after decades of conflict, expect to see tranquil, rural hamlets and sandy beaches along the 1200km coastal route. Quite unexpectedly, you’ll find yourself tackling an uphill climb at Hai Van Pass, aka Ocean Cloud Pass, but it makes it all the more worth it.

越南的高速公路1号在北部的河内至南部的胡志明市之间,跨越了这个国家的两大城市之间。 经过几十年的冲突,现在象征着民族团结的旅程,期望沿着1200公里的海岸线能看到宁静的乡村小村庄和沙滩。 相当令人意外的是,你会发现自己在攀登Hai Van Pass,也就是海云通上攀登了一段艰难的路程,但是它很有价值。

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 吴哥窟,柬埔寨

Head out on a pedal pilgrimage to the world’s biggest religious site, Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap. The UNESCO Angkor Park in total covers 400 square kilometres with over 1,000 temples scattered around the complex. Take a few days out to admire its tremendous historical significance and prepare to feel enlightened by this world wonder.

前往世界最大的宗教场所吴哥窟(Siem Reap)踏上朝圣之旅。 联合国教科文组织的吴哥公园总面积达400平方公里,寺内散落着1000多座寺庙。 花几天时间来欣赏其巨大的历史意义,并准备受到这个世界奇迹的启发。

angkor wat

Bang Krachao, Phra Pradaeng, Thailand Bang Krachao,Phra Pradaeng,泰国

Hidden beneath the layers of bustling and potentially dangerous to ride in Bangkok, you can escape to a green road of blissfulness – Bang Krachao. In the island also known as the city’s green lungs, you can have a blast exploring the area on elevated, narrow lanes, lined with forest. To make the most of your time on the island, bike to the flourishing botanical garden and Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, and end the day with a bite to eat at the floating market.

隐藏在熙熙攘攘,潜在危险性的骑车之旅。在曼谷,你可以逃到绿色的欢乐之路Bang Krachao。 在岛上也被称为城市的绿肺,您可以在高架狭窄的车道上和森林里探险。 为了充分利用您在岛上的时间,骑自行车到繁荣的植物园和Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan公园,在水上市场吃点东西,结束一天的生活。

Bagan, Myanmar 蒲甘,缅甸

Do as the locals do. Take a ride down the dusty, rural back roads of Bagan – an untouched, ancient city in the west of Myanmar, where you’re sure to meet warm, friendly locals. As the first kingdom to unify regions to create modern Myanmar, 10,000 buddhist monuments and pagodas were built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Today, over 2,000 striking monuments still remain hanging over green plains. Although a city, Bagan’s roads are quiet and peaceful, giving you the opportunity to experience how villagers really live here, up close and personal. Don’t miss the sunset over Shwe-san-daw pagoda.

像当地人那样沿着缅甸西部原始古老的城市蒲甘(Bagan),在它尘土飞扬的乡间小路上行驶,您肯定会遇到热情友好的当地人。 蒲甘虽然是一个城市,但它平静而祥和,让您有机会亲身体验村民真正的生活。 不要错过Shwe-san-daw宝塔的日落。

bagan village

Bikes can be cheaply rented across SEA and don’t be afraid to get lost in the saddle, it might lead to a new discovery. So why not give exploring on two wheels a go and enjoy the ride!

自行车可以在东南亚廉价出租,不用害怕迷路,因为这可能会让你有一个新的发现。 那么为什么不试试用2个轮子的方法去探索世界呢!

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