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It’s the one question you’re asked almost every time you talk about your business. Whether it’s an investor, a partner, a customer. People want to know, what is it that makes you stand out?

Common questions we are often asked about chozun, are things like, “Why wouldn’t I just use my hotel concierge? Why can’t I just trawl Yelp for what I want?” There are many aspects that set us as a business apart, some of which really underly in what we call our ‘secret source’ — essentially, this is our propriety tech that allows us to actually be highly personalised and provide a bespoke travel experience to each customer.

Here’s why chozun is different:

Why wouldn’t business travellers just use their hotel concierge?

We’ve done a lot of research around this, and concierges (even those of 5 star hotels) simply aren’t what they used to be. Many hotel concierge’s receive kick backs from locals to recommend their establishment. Businesses that are recommended aren’t necessarily the best for that particular customer, nor do they provide a top quality service.

You’ll sometimes find too, that concierges also aren’t always available, or sometimes they aren’t equipped with the right knowledge. That’s why we find hotels are some of our biggest partners. They use chozun to facilitate a personalised service for their guests.

Millennial business travel is on the rise. Millennial travellers are staying in 3–4 star hotels, or even Airbnb. This is where they are particularly underserved — when they don’t have anyone necessarily to ask or even guide them in the right direction.

Why wouldn’t I just use Yelp?

Yelp is a directory of most things in your vicinity. It provides options, but with these options come noise, clutter and sometimes skewed, subjective reviews from others.

To find a service to your taste on Yelp you have to trust a strangers judgment (who sometimes have been paid to review businesses), and you have to trawl reviews before making a decision. One that sometimes isn’t necessarily trusted. Or reliable. And most of the time, fake.

It seems you’re just another booking platform

Yes, we do have bookings — bookings these days should be a given. As i s the concept of “on-demand”. Convenience these days is an expectation. One that can be met easily using tech. Our main focus however is that you can book an actual highly personalised service, wherever you are. Direct with the service provider that’s matched to you. Your taste. Your style. Your lifestyle.

I don’t need this, I sort everything before I go on my trips

Business travellers are on the road all the time — 96% of them feel stressed on business trips. Everyone has a story about that one time when something went wrong in a foreign country, city. Or the time they just wanted to get a quick massage to relieve the jet lag aches but ended up in a red lit parlour (some don’t complain, we know). These incidences can also be highly frustrating not to mention time-consuming.

chozun eliminates the extra stress of being on a business trip and not being able to get the services you need on the ground. We are going places no others are. Cities where highly frequented by the business traveller — but are completely underserved.

How do you match me to a provider that’s right for me?

Being fussy isn’t quite accepted in society, but if we look at it more as being discerning, it’s much more positive. Take dating or relationships, this is one area of your life you are encouraged and expected to be particular, why you date them, the dating list of checkboxes. We believe every service you receive is a relationship of some sort and you should treat it as such. chozun wants to enable you to be discerning in your everyday life. We profile users to understand their tastes and match them, using our smart tech, to a relevant service provider — the more they use chozun — the better we get at matching them.

What’s next for chozun?

A new and improved user experience with version 2.0 being released in just weeks. A platform agnostic solution, with WeChat integration, inbuilt loyalty and our algorithm implemented, making this a smart piece of tech all business travellers will want to have in their pocket.

Currently live across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and planning to expand to South East Asia over the next two months.

Want to know even more? Or perhaps we can help you on your next business trip? Get in touch with us.

Co-Authored by Teresa Truda, CEO & Co-Founder & Katy Caric, Junior Regional Manager

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