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How to do Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明市攻略

ho chi minh city landscape scene

It’s the air of a bustling, big city but with an intimate, dense vibe that will draw you into falling in love with Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), lying in the south of Vietnam. You can’t help but to immerse yourself within its tight, close-knit community beaming with warm locals who will do anything for you. They’re humbling, modest, and hard working.

这是一个熙熙攘攘的大城市,但是她拥有让人感觉亲密的氛围,会吸引你爱上胡志明市(胡志明市),越南南部。 你会情不自禁要把自己沉浸在这里,热情的本地人愿意为你做任何事情。他们低调,谦虚,工作努力。

It’s a city that doesn’t stop; you could be walking home from a bar at two o’clock in the morning and the locals will invite you for a drink with them to watch the sun unearth over the many sky rises. HCMC, AKA Saigon, has a true heart and a majestic soul beating through each and every compact, busy street corner.

这是一座不停歇的城市。 你可以在凌晨两点从酒吧回家。当地人会邀请你喝一杯,看日出。 胡志明市西贡,拥有真正的心灵和雄伟的灵魂,冲击每一个紧凑繁忙的街角。

But where do you start? At chozun 途赞, we’ve explored the area in and out and have hand picked our favourite providers in the city of Ho Chi Minh to help you out; from where to brunch, where to relax, and where to do your dirty laundry.

但你从哪儿开始呢?chozun途赞已经里里外外的探索了这个区域,并且在胡志明市亲自挑选了我们最喜欢的供应商来服务您; 从哪里吃早午餐,在哪里放松,到洗衣店。

Hum Vegetarian

Even if you’re not a veggie, this premium-feel, insightful eatery is one to be ticked off the list. These people really know their food and offer a flavour packed, seasonal menu that holds onto popular classics. You’ll receive amazing service, with waiters and waitresses who can explain how each meal can benefit your body; from good sources of iron to foods known for lowering blood pressure – you are what you eat! They also offer organic, sugar free cocktails. Win win.

即使你不是一个素食者,这个别致感觉,富有内涵的小餐馆会博取你的眼球。这里的人们了解他们的食物,并提供一个风味套餐,时令菜单,流行经典。 你会得到令人惊喜的服务。来这里的服务员可以解释如何让每顿饭吃得有利于你的身体; 从富含铁质的来源到降血压的食物 – 你知道该吃什么! 他们还提供有机的无糖鸡尾酒。 双赢。

Top pick: Tofu in spicy sauce with local, wild veggies


hum vegetarian food

Moc Huong Spa

This dreamy branch of spas are a relaxing haven equipped with modern, indochine decoration. Supported by top-ranking professional physiotherapists from around the world, they specialise in authentic techniques from Japan, the USA, Sweden, Thailand, and India, combined with the healing power of Vietnamese traditional medicine. You’ll walk out feeling ultimate zen.

这个梦幻般的SPA是一个令人放松的避风港。他们拥有先进的设备,印度风的装饰。 拥有世界一流的专业理疗师,他们含有日本,美国,瑞典,泰国和印度的正宗技术,结合越南传统医药的治疗能力。 你会走出最后的禅意。

Top pick: Try out the Japanese massage, Shiatsu, to re-energise your body after a long day of travelling


Saigon Riders

You haven’t truly experienced how the Vietnamese live without making your way around the city on a bike. Hop on a scooter led by an experienced local for a new way of exploring the open beauty of HCMC; an up-close opportunity to take in the scents of lush rice fields and surrounding green views. What’s more, is that you can customise your tour time and itinerary to see what you want and when you want.

你还没有真正体验到越南人如何在没有自行车的情况下在城市周围生活。 乘坐由经验丰富的当地人引领的踏板车,探索胡志明市的开放之美。 与郁郁葱葱的稻田和充满绿色气息的大自然近距离接触。 更重要的是,你可以定制你的旅游时间和行程。

Top pick: the tunnels of Cuchi tour to learn about the city’s rich, sobering history


motorbike ride in vietnam

F5 Laundry

If you’re on the go in Vietnam, you might not want to spend your precious time hanging out your undies. Luckily, the lovely English-speaking locals at eco-friendly F5 are at hand to give you that fresh, clean feeling with absolute comfort. They come right to your door to pick up, and drop off, either after a few hours or a few days; it’s your choice. This can all be organised through the ease of our app.

如果你在越南旅行,你可能不想花费你的宝贵时间来挂出你的内衣。 幸运的是,会讲英语的可爱的当地人在环保的F5洗衣店为你送来清新,干净的感觉和绝对的舒适。 他们会在几个小时或几天之后来到你的门口, 这是你的选择。 这一切都可以通过我们的APP来完成。

Top pick: meadow fresh laundry delivered straight to your door in just a few hours

推荐: 几小时内会将你的衣服送至家门口

Vintage Emporium

This quirky emporium is your go-to brunch stop with great coffee and great western-styled brunches, all served with a cool, laid back ambiance. With a vintage room upstairs of the cafe which is great for exploring unique finds, this hideaway is also an ideal setting to relax and reply to some emails.

这个古怪的商场是你早午餐,咖啡和西式早午餐的好去处。这里有悠闲的氛围服务。 在咖啡厅楼上的老式房间,这是一个独特的发现,这个隐藏处也是放松和回复一些电子邮件的理想场所。

Top pick: the smoked salmon salad


vintage emporium breakfast


This creative joint is for like-minded individuals to come together over great design and awesome eats. They connect with local artists to host fashion collections, homeware ranges, artwork and they also showcase made-in-Vietnam, natural food suppliers. To take things at a slower pace, drop by for an unwinding and uplifting evening with a glass of wine. Not just another cafe, an entire lifestyle.

这个富有创意的组合是为了让志趣相投的人们聚集在一起,在伟大的设计和真棒吃。 他们有当地艺术家,主办时尚收藏品,家居用品系列,艺术品,还展示越南制造的天然食品供应商。 慢节奏来放松一下,晚上喝一杯葡萄酒,放松身心。 不只是一个咖啡馆,而是生活方式。

Top pick: their red wine of the month


Vietnamese XO tours

All female bike tours. Girl power at its best! HCMC has a real street-orientated culture so it’s no wonder that some of the best local dishes can be snapped up on the street. Vendors come alive at night so an evening bike tour gives you the best chance to taste your way around five districts, learning about the village communities as you ride. You’ll be given the opportunity to try the tastiest seafood and lesser known dishes that you can’t find back home. All XO tours include drinks and cater for vegans, vegetarians and any allergies.

女性自行车之旅。 女孩的力量在最好的! 胡志明市有一个真正的街头文化,所以难怪一些最好的当地菜可以在街上抢购。 小商贩在夜间活跃起来,所以晚上骑自行车游览让您有机会在五区品尝您的美食,在您骑车时了解乡村生活。 你将有机会尝试最美味的海鲜和不知名的菜肴。 所有XO旅行包括饮料和照顾素食主义者,素食主义者和任何过敏。

Top pick: the five district foodie tour


vietnam food market

Ben’s Tailor Shop

Bespoke, boutique tailor for men and women with a one day turnover; ideal for travellers on a tight schedule. This shop is amidst the crowded fabric market but hidden away from the haggling cries down a small side street. There’s no need to bring a sample of what you want as the welcoming owner will work her magic on you for a garment with the most high-quality fabric and perfect fit, all at a reasonable price.

为男性和女性定制精品裁缝,非常适合时间紧迫的旅客。 这家商店是在拥挤的面料市场中,但隐藏在一条小小的街道旁边。 没有必要带上你想要的样品,因为热情的主人会以合理的价格为你服务最高品质的面料和完美的服装。

Top pick: a tailor made suit in 24 hours


Meet the owner of Ben’s Tailor Shop, Ngov Nguyen, in our chozun ones interview to learn about what it takes to be the best tailor in town – live tomorrow.

在chozun的采访中,与本店的裁缝铺Ngov Nguyen的老板见面,了解如何成为城里最好的裁缝 – 明天上线。

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