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How to Hack your Red Eye Flight

There is a reason red eye flights are described as such- you fly all night and then you are super tired. But its worth it to take one just to avoid airport overcrowding.

  1. Don’t Sleep Before the Flight. Make yourself really tired, don’t get a lot of sleep the night before and have a full day before you fly out. I find it harder to sleep on flights In general so being tired helps balance it out.

2. No Alcohol. Alcohol effects you differently in the sky and it can make you more drunk. Instead drink water. In flight air is dryer than the worlds driest deserts and the humidity continues to fall over the flight. Water keeps you hydrated and is in general just amazing.

3. Get the Best Seat. I prefer the window, especially on long red eye flights. You aren’t getting up for people to go to the bathroom, and you aren’t accidentally hit by people on their way to the bathroom. If you are getting up a lot try for the aisle. Just don’t get the middle. Check out SeatGuru to help hack your seat.

4. Come Prepared. Bring earplugs for screaming babies, a pillow for your neck and an eye mask for when you want to sleep. Also bring moisturizer cause your skin will dry out super fast.

5. Comfy Clothes. Wear your pajamas and layer. Planes change temperatures as they ascend and descend so its good to be able to acclimatize to any temperature. Also having comfy clothes will probably make security faster because you aren’t wearing a belt, and probably don’t have any medal on.

6. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. It saves time that you’ll just be bored or watch movies, and this way you wake up semi in your current timezone and have some energy. You’ll need it to get through customs.

7. In-Flight Wellness. Wake up before you land to make yourself presentable. . In flight skincare and just overall wellness can make you feel so much better when you land.

8. Land

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