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Increase your luck – Travel to these places

With Friday the 13th looming over superstitious minds, we’re inspired by the likes of our Chinese companions who aren’t as tied to the number being unlucky, along with people like Frano Selak who has cheated death seven times then won the Croatian lottery to look at the luck in this revolving universe. We’ve looked at some of the luckiest places to travel this Friday 13th, turning the superstitious tradition on it’s backside.

  1. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

As we see out the Year of the Monkey with Chinese New Year fast approaching, those born in this year who are generally life of the party, like diversity & adventure in their daily lives will love rock climbing and tightrope walking offered at the Kalibiru National Park, and body rafting at Kalisuci Cave. Nature lovers will find solace at the water-flowing mountains of Sewu Mountain Range.  To see a spectacular sunrise, head to Borobudur, the world’s largest and greatest Buddhist temple.

2. Petrinja, Croatia

Looking to surround yourself with the “luckiest man in the world”? Head to Petrinja, Croatia, home town of Frano Selak. A local town, 48km out of Zagreb, Petrinjia is worth an overnight in winter (when not flooded) to check out the spectacular snow settings and experience some true local authentic Croatian food at Mlinksi Kamen. And, make sure you try some of the local Salami (it’s also home of Gavrilović factory – the leading Croatian Salami factory).

3. Singapore

This isn’t exactly a ‘hidden gem’ but the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec city is bound to bring you that exact kind of luck. A very modern and very feng shui attraction, visitors touch the lucky water to absorb it’s positive qi (energy or life force). Then, once you have your fountain of fortune and are looking for a less tourist ridden place for the evening, head to a hidden secret of Singapore’s – The Library Bar – cocktails, books, jazz and an utter cool experience.

4. Florence, Italy

Everyone talks about Trevi, the lucky fountain, of course. But did you know nestled away in Florence, in the Mercato Nuovo sits a boar sculpture that visitors have been frequenting since 1766? Rubbing Il Porcellino’s (the boar’s) snout may bring you luck, and certainly will make you laugh when you realise you’re standing in front of a statue, stroking it’s nose. When wandering the streets of Florence, be sure to keep your eye out for French Artist Clet Abraham‘s, art enhancements to street and traffic signs – discreet and witty.

5. Wisconsin, USA

Within this small town in Polk County, there’s a little village called Luck with a population of just over 1,000 people. Recommended if you are a keen outdoors traveller, as you can take the Gandy Dancer State Trail through 98 miles interstate to Minnesota. You’ll need a trail pass, but the experience as a bycyclist or walker is well worth it.

6. The Lucky Country, Australia

Originally a book by Donald Horne, the title eventually became a term of endearment to describe the land downunder. Did you know, it takes 15,823km to circumnavigate the entire continent on one highway, over 14 days (that’s if you don’t stop). But who are we kidding, you must stop on a tour of the lucky country – explore the beaches (note: there is even a ‘Lucky Bay’), nature, forests, clean air and… well, shop! Australia is the number 1 frequented destination for two years in a row by Chinese outbound tourists in February around Chinese New Year according to research from China Skinny.

7. Machu Picchu, Peru

The Intihuatana Stone is considered one of the most important and powerful places, established by the Inca in the 15th century on a peak nearly 8,000 feet above sea level. Locals believe that here, the energy is in the air, and when you touch the stone (the tradition is to press your forehead against it) you connect with that energy and feel it go through your body.

8. Manila, Philippines

Fireworks and firecrackers are lit hours before the stroke of midnight on NYE in Manila. Filipinos believe that the noisier the celebration, the more effective it is when it comes to driving bad luck and evil spirits away. So, with the evil spirits driven out from recent 2017 celebrations, Manila is one to pop on the list.  Manila is now brimming with trendy, affordable spots – from bars to bookstores, there’s plenty to checkout on your trip. Markets, record collecting, art and mirky watering hole tips here.

Whatever your superstitions, may they be conquered by the lucky places you can escape to around the world, anytime.

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