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Let’s go to Japan!



Time to go to Japan! 

Especially this time of the year, with the infamous Sakura Blossoms (Cherry Blossoms) Festival brightening everyones days.  Between the vibrant, polite & efficient culture, household tech at an all time high, amazing fresh sushi, hot springs, nightlife… the list goes on.

And it’s no wonder the number of us travelling to Japan increases by 22% year on year.  The tourism board is expecting by 2020, Japan will have 40M visitors per year. 40M! That’s a lot of us. Our advice, get there before the massive influx!

Here’s some suggestions for your next trip to Japan (particularly in Osaka & Tokyo); whether for work, leisure, or “bleisure” (we still love saying that word):


01. Unique Experiences 

Tokyo: You’ve heard of cat cafes, but Japan has taken it to the next level. Check out the Goat Cafe. Grab a delicious cake at Sakuraoka & hang out with these cute furry animals.

Osaka:  Head to The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum for an entire exhibition on the history of instant noodles, different types of instant noodles, and their global popularity.  Osaka is the birthplace of this delicious goodness – instant noodles.





02. Out and About 

Tokyo: Ever watched a Sumo Wrestling match? There are many tournaments throughout the year, well worth going to see & experiencing the traditional Japanese stadium & entertainment for the night.  Buy tickets in advance, they sell quick!

Osaka: Hire a bike & explore Osaka in your own way – it’s a super easy place to get around yourself.  Spend the day checking out Namba,Umeda Sky Building, & Osaka Castle Park. Cycle Osaka do hire & custom tours if you want the company on your ride.



03. 飲食します (Eat & Drink) 

Tokyo:  Always filled with locals, Yamachan is an all-you-can-drink premium sake bar located near Shinjuku.

Osaka: If you want to experience the best sushi on offer in Midosuji, Tada (多田) is the place you want to go. Tada (多田) – a very small dining place, still quite the secret – serving amazing fresh fish, prepared in front of you, with a great view at night.

chozun 途赞 is expanding to Japan! You’ll soon be able to use your chozun travel companion in Tokyo & Osaka. 

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