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Making The Most Of Your Next Business Trip | 如何让出差变得丰富

Meetings, stress, hurry – and then a few more meetings – are the cornerstones of any business trip. Business matters are, understandably, the priority. But there’s no need for your stay to be just a jet-lagged replica of life back home – enjoying yourself is equally as important. In fact, everyone wins if you can turn up to your meetings focused, relaxed and in touch with your new environment.

会议,压力,匆忙 – 连着更多的会议-出差基本都是这个节凑吧。当然可以理解,毕竟工作第一么。但是换个地方重复在家的生活不是也没意思么,好好放松享受也同样重要。事实上,如果你可以做到会议专注,在新环境中轻松自如,对大家来说都是受益的。


With the rise of mobile technology, as well as a few tried-and-tested techniques, there are more ways than ever for canny business travellers to take control over their own travels. Check out our best tips for making the most of your time away:



Get Organized – Plan, plan and plan! Buy your tickets well in advance for peace of mind and big savings. And if you can, schedule your meetings and presentations to maximise the amount of free time you’ll have on your hands.



Pack Light – Keeping your luggage down to a carry-on bag will save you the headaches of airport queues and nightmare journeys, leaving you free to get out and explore your new surroundings as quickly as possible.

轻装上阵 - 行李尽量压缩到手提包,这样可以帮你避免一些无谓的机场排队和旅途噩梦,给你足够的自由去尽情探索新环境。


Choose a good hotel – After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than having somewhere clean and comfortable to get back to. A cosy bed and good wifi will give you the ideal base for fighting off your jet-lag.

舒适酒店 - 忙碌了一天,没有什么比回到一个干净舒适的酒店更惬意了吧。舒适的大床,飞起来的网速,就是你击退时差的基本条件。


Try the local food – Make use of gaps in your schedule to escape the office and experience the local cuisine. Treat yourself to dinner in an exclusive restaurant or hang out with the locals for a taste of daily life.

尝试当地美食 - 利用日程安排的空隙,逃离办公室体验当地美食。感受一下高级餐厅或是和当地人一起品尝家常菜。


Get to know the city – Make the most of your stay by saving some time for the city’s main attractions – just because it’s a business trip doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few souvenirs – or ask local colleagues for some recommendations off the beaten track. Or, simply ASK CHOZUN.

了解城市 - 节省一点时间去游览城市的景点吧 - 出差又不是说你不能买几个小纪念品啊,或者也可以让同事推荐一些好去处。又或者,干脆问chozun途赞呗。


Relax – We all know that work is important, but it takes a bit of self-care to keep you at the top of your game. Taking the time to relax, whether it’s a trip to the spa or even just a call home, will leave you focused for the next day’s meetings. Your boss will definitely be thanking you by the end of your trip.

放松 - 工作固然是重要的,但想要让自己处于一个最佳状态,还是需要好好照顾自己的。花点时间放松,不管是享受spa,还是跟家人通个话,都能让你更集中精力的参加第二天的会议。相信你的boss也会为此感谢你。


With these tips in mind, making a business trip more than just what it says on the tin should be well within in any traveller’s reach.



Originally written and published by Luis Bezares.

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