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Melbourne for the Chinese Traveller Part One


Did you know Melbourne’s Chinatown is the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the Western world?! This, along with the fact that Melbourne is one of the world’s most livable, safe cities makes it the ideal place for a trip. If you’re thinking of heading to Melbourne on the next holiday . Our insider Coco Yang (born in China, has lived in Melbourne since she was 5) shares her tips for things to do, see, eat and enjoy when you are there.

你知道墨尔本的唐人街是所有西方国家中最长的吗?! 此外墨尔本也被公认为世界上最宜居最安全的城市之一,使之自然而然的成为理想旅游胜地。如果你在考虑下个假期去墨尔本度假,不妨听听我们的达人Coco Yang(中国出生,5岁移居墨尔本)为你分享的城市实用小贴士吧。



Melbourne has no shortage of amazing food on offer, as well as some top-class modern Chinese and eclectic pan-Asian & Western eateries. Here’s 3 that should really be on your must list.

墨尔本绝对是个不缺美食的城市,有一流的现代中餐,亚洲 & 西餐厅。以下3个餐厅千万不要错过。


Minamishima – Want the best Sushi you may have ever had!? Minamishima can deliver. Everything about this Japanese eatery is understated but refined and exquisite. If you go there and don’t enjoy it – we’ll give you your money back! (Not really, but if you love Japanese you’ll love it, trust us).

Minamishima – 想要最美味的寿司吗?! 来Minamishima就对了。这是一家低调却又精致细腻的日本餐厅。如果你去了发现不喜欢那里,我立马给你倒贴!(开玩笑,不过如果你是日餐粉,你一定会喜欢那里的,相信我)。


Camus – In the really hip neighbourhood of Northcote, sits this North African restaurant. You may not have experienced North African food before but you should definitely try it and here is the perfect place. Delicious duck done in a way that will make you change the way you look at duck. And delightful, addictive fish will make you want to come back to Melbourne just for more!

Camus – 位于Northcote炫酷街区的北非餐厅。你可能还没有体验过北非美食,这家餐厅就是你打开北非美食的正确方式。秘制的鸭子味美而奇特,足以让你对鸭子有个全新的认识。这里的鱼也美味到让你一定要重游墨尔本!


Atlas – Atlas represents what Melbourne dining is all about in just one restaurant! You can journey through dishes from Mexico to Korea and all with excellence. The dishes are beautifully presented and you won’t hesitate to want to take pictures of them.

Atlas – 在Atlas,从墨西哥菜到韩国美食,你可以坐着尝遍世界各地。菜肴美观可口,拍照晒图赶紧的。


And one more to try if you’re missing home is the late-night joint Supper Inn, located in the heart of Chinatown – it’s a traditional Canton Chinese and open until 2am!

如果你想家了,还有一个地方可以去,那就是位于唐人街中心位置的Supper Inn,传统的粤菜而且凌晨两点才打烊哦。



Melbourne is cool, edgy and maintains a creative culture that allow many local boutiques to flourish. It’s also got it’s fair share of local designers. There are areas to go where the shopping is especially good, here’s Coco’s favourites.



Gertrude Street, Fitzroy & Smith Street, Collingwood – If you walk straight down Gertrude Street, you will hit Smith Street. In the cool and must visit neighbourhoods of Fitzroy and Collingwood. Dotted with lots of boutiques as well as a quirky store Who Invited Her. On Smith Street, Happy Valley is perfect for locally designed gifts and goods.

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy & Smith Street, Collingwood – 如果你沿着Gertrude大街一直走,便到了Smith大街。这里是必访的Fitzroy和Collingwood街区,有很多精品店错落其间,包括那家精怪的小店Who Invited Her。如果你喜欢当地设计,可以去Smith大街上的Happy Valley兜一兜。


Chapel Street, Prahran – There’s plenty on offer here from local favourites Gorman to jewelry newcomers Dinosaur Designs. With plenty of mens, womens and gift shops it’s heaven for those who like to shop.

Chapel Street, Prahran – 这里有很多当地人喜爱的品牌,从Gorman到Dinosaur Designs。超级多的男装,女装店以及礼品店让人眼花缭乱,简直就是购物狂们的天堂。


CBD – The Central Business District is full of shops, shopping centres and laneways with hidden boutiques. Check out uber cool streetwear brand Saintside.

CBD – 中央商务区自然全是商店 & 商场,巷道里也有很多精品店。有兴趣的朋友可以去看一看潮牌Saintside哦。


Come back next week to find out what Melbourne has to offer for Culture Lovers and Adventurists.


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