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As Day of the Dead celebrations come to an end in Mexico, we look at both Co-Founders favourite country in the world, and ask our chozun Insider, Miguel Martinez what the up and coming, uncommon destinations are to visit next in Mexico.

墨西哥的亡灵节暂告一段落。在chozun途赞的几个创始人与探索员Miguel Martinez讨论了一番之后,毫无疑问我们的下一站是墨西哥。


Along the Pacific shoreline in the state of Sinaloa, Mazatlán has the perfect mix of traditional architecture meets serious holiday escape. A historic core accompanied by 20km of beautiful beaches along the coast. Known for it’s incredible fresh seafood, especially shrimp.


For the: Sun baker

chozun loves: The bold, alluring, authentic vibe of the entire city

Best thing to do: Eat some delish seafood off beaten track, in a village about 20 minutes from the beach, El Cuchupetas.

推荐娱乐项目:去离海边20分钟的小村庄El Cuchupetas 品尝新鲜打捞的海鲜。

Sumidero Canyon Sumidero 峡谷

A natural canyon located just north of the city of Chiapa de Corzo in the state of Chiapas, set within a national park. It’s home to endangered species such as river crocodiles, spider monkeys and ocelots.

在Chiapas州有个城市叫Chiapa de Corzo, 它的北部有一个天然的峡谷坐落在国家公园里。它是濒危物种的家园,如河中鳄鱼,蜘蛛猿和豹猫。

For the: Nature & wildlife lover

chozun loves: The serendipity of the canyon – you don’t know what you’ll see next

Best thing to do: Your own 2-3 hour River Tour by taking the boat near Chiapa de Corzo – you can ask the boatman to stop where you like – lots of flora, fauna, wildlife and rock formations to be seen.


途赞喜爱: 峡谷的意外惊喜 – 你不知道接下来会看到什么

推荐娱乐项目:花2-3小时在Chiapa de Corzo 坐船游览 – 你可以让船夫在你喜欢的地方停下。这里有很多的植物群,各种野生动物及岩层。

San Miguel 圣米格尔

Cobblestone streets, Spanish colonial style architecture, and creative cuisine – this year, it’s won best city in the World and rightly so. Best check it out before the influx of tourism due to hit this city.

鹅卵石铺成的街道,西班牙殖民的建筑风格及富有创意的美食 – 今年,它赢得了全球最佳城市且名副其实。推荐在这座城市被游客吞没前赶紧探索一下。

For the: History lovers

chozun loves: Authentic, creative feel with incredible sunset views

Best thing to do: Head to the hidden Mask Museum. Walk 15 minutes uphill from the centre of town along some quiet streets, and eventually you will come to a non-descript door at Cuesta de San Jose #32. If you have made an appointment, you will be buzzed in to a dark hallway that leads to stairs that take you up to another world to explore the history behind Bill Levasseur’s collection of more than 600 masks from the post-conquest era.



推荐娱乐项目:默默无闻的面具博物馆。上山步行15分钟,沿着安静的街道走,最终你会到达Cuesta de San Jose 32号,一扇无法形容的门。如果你有预约,你会通过一个通向楼梯的黑暗走廊,你将被带到另一个世界。探索在被征服后时代背后的Bill Levasseur,这里收集了600多个面具。

Todos Santos托多斯桑托斯

A town on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, backed by the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. Popular with artists and it’s known for its many galleries.


For the: Art lover

chozun loves: The town is filled with true Mexican artisanal creativity

Best thing to do: Visit Galeria de Todos Santos – it exhibits the artworks of Mexican and American artists. Contemporary and traditional art pieces, with exclusive exhibitions for enthusiasts.



推荐娱乐项目:参观Todos Santos艺术馆 – 它展示了墨西哥及美国艺术家的佳作。有着当代及传统艺术的作品,备受艺术爱好者青睐。

Lacandon Jungle 拉坎顿丛林 

An area of rainforest stretching from ChiapasMexico, into Guatemala and into the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsula.

从墨西哥的Chiapas深入到危地马拉及Yucatán 半岛南部的热带雨林。

For the: Adventurer

chozun loves: Local Mayans welcome you into the lush green jungle

Best thing to do: Get to know a local, for real.




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