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Your Next April Fools Prank Idea

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April Fool’s day is traditionally a day for high jinks and jokes from popular culture icons to your next door neighbour. chozun loves celebrating the world and all its wonders so we’re taking a look at April Fool’s traditions from around the world to help you get some ideas for pranking on the day.


The Scots love a prank so much, they have extended it to two days, April 1 was traditionally Hunt the Gowk day, although the name is fading out. Gowk means cuckoo, and sending a friend on a fool’s errand is how they traditionally start the prank and it passes along a chain of calamitous events. The second day is known as Taily Day, which is focused on bum jokes and is said to be where ‘kick me’ originated.


In Japanese, April Fools’s Day is called 4月馬鹿 (Shigatsu Baka or, literally, April Fool) or エイプリルフール (Eipuriru Fuuru or April Fool), although not necessarily and ancient tradition in Japan – in more recent times many brands take the opportunity to come up with funny and innovative new “products” they “release” on April Fools Day – like Volvo who came up with human airbags for people who are always looking at their phones when walking.

Virality is what the Japanese are about on April Fool’s Day.

South Korea

April Fool’s day or ‘만우절 Manwoo-jeol’ in South Korea goes back some way and it is said to have begun during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). Originating during this period between royal servants is the tradition of stuffing snow inside bowls and sending it to a ‘fool’, the ‘fool’ is considered to have lost the game and should grant a wish to the sender.. More recently school kids create big co-ordinated pranks usually against the school or teachers. This usually means things like moving all the desks outside, or sideways and wearing their uniforms backward. Then there are others who go further with things like a fake pair of shoes and legs dangling to make it look like a student has fallen out the window!

South Korean April Fool's Joke

South Korean April Fool’s Joke


The holiday here is known as Poisson d’Avril, which translates to April Fish, traditionally, schoolchildren will tape a picture of a fish on the back of an unsuspecting classmate and wait until the victim finally discovers the prank before falling about laughing.


Although not really a tradition, and in fact somewhat frowned upon by the government Chinese (it was publicly warned against in 2016)  people have their own take on April Fool’s Day. Some people see it as a good day to tell someone you have a crush on, you like them because if you fail you can pretend it was a joke…

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