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#chozunaday: Features travelling to Pasto, Ohio, Georgia, Harbin, Cinque Terra

The New Year is upon us. Here’s what we celebrated this week to kick off 2017.

Celebrated: Black and White Carnival (Carnaval de Blancos y Negros)

Place: Pasto, Colombia

Date: 2 January

How chozun celebrated: Face painting, music and you bet, we danced

Pasto, founded in 1539, begins each year with a joyful celebration – Black and White Carnival. Undoubtedly the best time to go to Pasto is during the Carnival between 2-7 January each year.


Celebrated: Drinking Straw Day

Place: Ohio, U.S.

Date: 3 January

How chozun celebrated: Spent the entire day drinking all liquids via colourful straws

Drinking Straw Day, originated in Ohio, US! It’s a day, where we give respect to those colourful, life changing drinking utensils. Yes, a day to celebrate straws!


Celebrated: Sterling Holloway’s Birthday

Place: Georgia, U.S.

Date: 4 January

How chozun celebrated: Hosted a movie night, watching some of Sterling’s most famous movies  

What to do in Georgia:

  • Outdoors: Head to Lookout Mountain & stop off at Rock City – a roadside attraction and the first instance of miniature golf in the world
  • Shopping: Checkout the store, Junkman’s Daughter – for a collection of quirky & cool items.


Celebrated: Ice & Snow Festival

Place: Harbin, China

Date: 5 January

How chozun celebrated: Team member Kate reminisced of her experience in Harbin, where she did ice skating across the Songhua River’s frozen surface.

Harbin hosts China’s chilliest festival – Ice & Snow Festival showcases the flashiest and most neck-craning ice sculptures.


Celebrated: Befana

Place: Cinque Terre

Date: 6 January

How chozun celebrated: We dressed up & listened to Italian song – La Befana Trullallà.

Cinque Terre, 5 colourful fishing villages, each with it’s own quirk. Perfect for hiking, swimming, soaking up the sun, beautiful atmosphere and re-charging.

Here’s to another week ahead of celebrations!

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