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Phnom Penh: A Locals Guide to an Emerging City | 在金边的一次地道的旅游

Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia has some serious competition in the tourist market.  Yet in recent years the South-East Asian country has been growing its reputation as a must-visit destination. 

与泰国,老挝和越南接壤的柬埔寨在旅游市场上有一些激烈的竞争。 然而近年来,这个东南亚国家的声誉却越发升高。

Emerging from a dark period of war and revolution Cambodia has been steadily establishing itself on the world-stage again, with tourists flocking to absorb the rich culture on offer.  Stunning temples, island hot-spots and a friendly people are abundant to those that make the journey.


For many their first encounter with Cambodia is Phnom Penh, the Kingdom’s capital. And it can be a startling first-impression; bustling and chaotic, Phnom Penh throws everything at you and invites you into the fold. We got in touch with Ruby Cray, a teacher who now calls Phnom Penh home, to get the run down on this cool and alluring city. Read on for a few of her recommendations!

对于首次接触柬埔寨的很多人来说是首都金边。第一印象可能是一个令人惊讶的; 繁华和混乱的融合,金边向你公开一切,并热情邀请你来做客。 我们与现在称金边家园的老师Ruby Cray保持了联系,让她在这个迷人的城市中探索。 请阅读她的一些建议!

For nightlife, Bassac Lane is hard to beat. | 夜生活:Bassac Lane 是一个不错的选择。

Phnom Penh has in recent years thrust itself into the spotlight as one of the ‘cool’ cities of the region, with a developing cafe and bar culture establishing itself in the city.  Bassac Lane, nestled amongst the leafy laneways of Tonle Bassac, is a hotspot for this sleek and modern nightlife.

金边近年来已成为该地区最“酷”城市之一,并在城市里建立了一些正在发展中的咖啡馆和酒吧文化。 Bassac Lane坐落在Tonle Bassac茂密的巷道之中,是这个时尚现代夜生活的热门场所。

A change of pace for the usually frenetic city, intimate bars shoulder each other along the laneway and spread to the surrounding area. Meat & Drink serve up burgers and a casual space to have a drink.  Nearby Cicada goes for something a little more classy, with classic beer, wine and cocktail offerings in a sleek setting.

狂热的城市节奏已发生了变化,亲密的酒吧彼此相邻,顺着巷道传播到周围地区。 Meat  & Drink餐厅提供汉堡和喝酒的休闲去处。附近的Cicada餐厅提供更加优雅的服务,在时尚的环境中提供经典的啤酒,葡萄酒和鸡尾酒。

For a little more grungy vibe, and the chance to catch some live music, make sure to head to Show Box. It also doubles as a community Arts Space, with the venue aiming to be inclusive for Khmer and expats alike.

对于更加陈旧的氛围以及欣赏现场音乐的机会,请务必前往Show Box。 它还兼作社区艺术空间,场地旨在为高棉族和外籍人士创造空间。

Phnom Penh is seriously creative. Head to Factory to see what it’s about. |金边是非常有创意的。 让我们去工厂看看是怎么回事。

Factory is a new co-working and creative space, located in Khan Mean Chey.  For any creative, or creative person, this is a must visit.

工厂是一个新的创合办公空间,位于Khan Mean Chey。 对于任何创新或有创造力的人来说,这是一次必访的目的地。

Primarily, Factory is a co-working and office space, but explore a little and you’ll discover a lot more.  The entire venue is a canvas for local and international artists to add their touches to the architecture, whilst it’s also home to galleries and exhibition spaces.

主要的是,工厂是一个创合办公空间,探索深入一点,你会发现更多。 整个场地为当地和国际艺术家提供了一个画布,让他们在建筑中增添风采,同时它也是画廊和展览空间的所在地。

There’s also a host of food options. Fulcrum lies at the centre, focusing on affordable food and great coffee. They also have La Cantina, a massive 80 seat canteen to feed the masses of workers and passerby’s alike.

还有很多美食选择。 Fulcrum位于市中心,专注于价格合理的美食和咖啡。他们还有La Cantina,一个80个座位的大型食堂,为大量工人和过路人提供餐饮。

And the best part – Factory is looking to expand food offerings in 2018, with plans to open up a large space for food stalls.  For one venue that’s a lot of choice.

最好的部分 – 工厂在2018年正在计划扩大食品供应,计划为食品摊位开辟一片广阔的空间。这将是一个很多的选择的场地。

You can help people when you eat. | 当你吃东西时你可以帮助别人。

Phnom Penh has a lot of amazing not-for-profit restaurants that seek to up-skill people in need through hospitality, as well as provide support to vulnerable communities.


Part of the TREE Alliance, Friends serves up a diverse range of cuisines, cocktails and juices in a relaxed and casual setting. They employ marginalised youth from the community, giving them the opportunity to develop a career in hospitality whilst also developing their English and life skills.

作为TREE联盟的一部分,Friends在轻松休闲的环境中提供各种美食,鸡尾酒和果汁。 他们聘请来自社区的边缘青年,为他们提供机会发展酒店业,同时发展他们的英语和生活技能。

For a coffee fix with your meal, head to Connecting Hands, a training and support centre that helps empower young women and children who have survived slavery. All participants are offered either full-time employment with Connecting Hands following training, or are assisted in finding work from a third-party.

如果想要在用餐时喝上一杯咖啡,可以前往Connecting Hands,这是一个培训和支持中心,帮助那些在奴隶制下幸存的年轻女性和儿童。所有参与者在接受培训后都可以通过Connecting Hands找到全职工作,或者协助从第三方获得工作。

These venues are only a small taste of what is a truly amazing hospitality scene in Phnom Penh, so be sure to explore other not-for-profit venues in the city during your stay.


Happy Travels!


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