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Where Chinese travellers go this Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster

Other than the (sometimes obligatory home visit), family time and visiting the many aunts, uncles, family friends, cousins, neighbours, co-workers parents, neighbours parents, great aunts, uncles, grandparents and the sisters husbands cat, Chinese travellers will be moving all over the globe this Chinese New Year.

The largest migration of human beings in the world is underway. So, where are they headed this Chinese New Year and for the rest of 2017?


According to Ctrip, Thailand is most popular of the top 10 overseas destinations for Chinese tourists this time of the year, followed by Japan.


What WON’T be Trending in Travel for 2017

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What won’t be trending in travel 2017

By now, you will probably have read numerous ‘trends for 2017’ articles (check out our own ‘China Travel Trends for 2017’). We wanted to explore what might be too early, dying or just plain won’t take off and why in travel for 2017.

1. VR – There will still be continued hype around VR but so far it has been pretty disappointing and we predict adoption in the travel space will be slow as people struggle to find the sweet-spot between compelling content for the platform and genuine use-cases. A better space to follow this year will be live-streaming travel, particularly in the Asian market.

2. BOT delivery for everything – Sure, bots will deliver flight and hotel results to satisfy many travellers but research shows travellers still require an element of the human touch – which is in part why chozun’s blend of AI, data and expert human intelligence appeals.


5 Desires of the Millennial Business Traveller

We’ve been internally and externally discussing the rise of the demanding Independent Chinese traveller, the increase of the Millennial business traveller, how they reshape the travel industry and what millennials want and look for when they travel. So, we’ve started to gather more data around it and will share more of our insights in the coming months – you can also check out Chinese Travel Trends 2017.

Most trend reports focus on flights, accommodation and the need for WiFi. We’ve dug a little deeper. And gone beyond the wants from your accommodation. A clean Airbnb, a hotel with an easy check in process, express check out, no check in, no check out, and well, preferably, to have little conversation if any at all with the front desk or your Airbnb host. Platforms like Conichi have nailed that when it comes to hotels.

We asked some of our most frequent members who fit the title of Millennial Business Traveller from Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Melbourne two very simple questions:

1) What do you want as a traveller at your destination?

2) What are your needs when travelling for business? (*excluding hotels and flights).

5 common themes stood out. Here they are.


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