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3 Top Romantic Destinations around the World this Valentines Day

Whilst some curl up with a tub of ice cream on the couch, others head for over priced meals in fancy places, and some find cultural experiences to share with their loved ones this upcoming Valentines Day. With the pending Hallmark Day near, we’ve shortlisted 3 top romantic destinations around the world, to share the love, with your loved one, or yourself.

1. Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague really comes alive at night. The lights, beautiful Old World architecture – castles, cathedrals & cobblestone streets with hidden alleys make it a great place to explore with a loved one and feel the warmth of the city.  Check out Pivovar Marina for a romantic meal, along the Vltava River – located in the port of the upcoming Holešovice district.

2. Hoi An, Vietnam  

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