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What is the best gift this Mid-Autumn Festival 2017? | 中秋节最好的礼物是什么! 这是答案。。。

Families across parts of Asia gather together on 4 October to celebrate the infamous Mid Autumn Festival – “we gather together, eat, laugh, play games & do a lot of KTV for fun,” tells Rico, our local Chinese Insider.

亚洲各地的家庭在10月4日聚集在一起庆祝臭名昭著的中秋节-“我们聚集在一起, 吃, 笑, 玩游戏, 并做了很多 KTV 的乐趣,” 告诉波多黎各, 我们当地的中国内幕。

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié is a huge celebration in Hong KongChinaSingapore, South Korea and other countries in Asia occurring on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunisolar calendar—when the moon is thought to be at its fullest. A tradition taken seriously, and well respected in the East. For nearly 3000 years, families have been coming together to pay respects to the moon – a symbol of peace and prosperity.

中秋节中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié是一个巨大的庆祝活动在香港, 中国, 新加坡, 韩国和亚洲其他国家在第八月的第十五天在阴阳历日历-当月亮被认为是在它的最充分。一个传统被重视, 并在东部很受尊敬。近3000年来, 家庭一直聚集在一起, 向月亮致敬–这是和平与繁荣的象征。

As you wander the streets of many major Asian cities in the lead up to Mid Autumn Festival, they are bustling – people madly rushing about, preparing for the Festival. Lines, long ones. With many people, waiting to buy the perfect gift. We take a look at the most popular gifts this season for Mid Autumn Festival.

当你漫步在许多主要的亚洲城市的街道上, 在引领到中秋节, 他们是热闹的人疯狂地奔波, 为节日做准备。线, 长的。和很多人在一起, 等待着买到最完美的礼物。我们来看看本季最受欢迎的中秋节礼物。


Your Next April Fools Prank Idea

Funny dog

April Fool’s day is traditionally a day for high jinks and jokes from popular culture icons to your next door neighbour. chozun loves celebrating the world and all its wonders so we’re taking a look at April Fool’s traditions from around the world to help you get some ideas for pranking on the day.


The Scots love a prank so much, they have extended it to two days, April 1 was traditionally Hunt the Gowk day, although the name is fading out. Gowk means cuckoo, and sending a friend on a fool’s errand is how they traditionally start the prank and it passes along a chain of calamitous events. The second day is known as Taily Day, which is focused on bum jokes and is said to be where ‘kick me’ originated.


In Japanese, April Fools’s Day is called 4月馬鹿 (Shigatsu Baka or, literally, April Fool) or エイプリルフール (Eipuriru Fuuru or April Fool), although not necessarily and ancient tradition in Japan – in more recent times many brands take the opportunity to come up with funny and innovative new “products” they “release” on April Fools Day – like Volvo who came up with human airbags for people who are always looking at their phones when walking. (more…)

The Rise of Wellness Travel in 2017

Amongst the many travel trends for 2017, Wellness is one of them. The Wellness travel industry is certainly on the rise and growing 50% faster than regular travel.

2017年的众多旅行趋势中, 养生是其中的一种。养生旅游业发展迅速,增长速度比普通旅游快50%

Whether it’s taking time out for a leisure trip to a Meditation Retreat in the hills of Thailand, a Fitness Bootcamp in Bali, Spa retreats in Japan, Forest or Coastal tourism, or making sure that you’re maintaining your Fitness and Wellness regime when travelling for work, studies show that Wellness is now becoming a core element of company’s travel policies.


3 Tips for Traveling to Sichuan, China

It’s World Wildlife Day today! And Friday! So why not celebrate the Panda.

Sichuan Provence, the home to 30% of the world’s highly endangered giant Pandas.

Here’s 3 things to know about Sichuan:

1. Famous for its Spicy Food & long history of Tea Culture, like hot pot, Mapo Doufu.


#chozunaday: Featuring Akaroa, Tuscany, Mumbai, The Netherlands & Kunming travel tips

It’s quite the range of destinations, we know! All to be travelled one at a time, with some serious time on your hands to really soak in each culture’s offering. Here’s where chozun celebrated this week for #chozunaday, with a tip or two for each destination featured.

6 February

Where: Akaroa, New Zealand

Akaroa, New Zealand

Akaroa, New Zealand

What chozun celebrated: Waitangi Day

The whole of NZ celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document, on this date in 1840.

Heading to Akaroa? 

1. Walk the Banks Peninsula track: regarded as the finest private walking track in the country.
2. Try the award winning Riesling, Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris at Meniscus Wines.

7 February

Where: Tuscany, Italy


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