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chozun ones: The best boutique tailor in town, BEN’s Tailor Shop 胡志明市最优裁缝店

woman sewing a garment

Wondering who we’re setting you up with? We’ll be shedding the light on our travel providers & experiences from across the globe. You’ll be able to learn a little more about the people behind the business and our matches for you. You’ll discover who, what, where and why of the best massages in Melbourne, uncovering the energy of Hong Kong, seeing great art in Shanghai, the beating heart of Kuala Lumpur’s cool spots and beyond. We’re taking you behind the scenes of our #chozunones.


Behind the layers of cashmere, linen, and silk, you’ll meet NGỌC NGO, the owner of boutique, bespoke tailor – BEN’s Tailor Shop. We’ve taken away the seams to charming Ngov to learn more about what makes for the best seamstress in town.

在羊绒,亚麻和丝绸层次的背后,你会遇见NGỌC NGO,精品店的定制店主BEN的裁缝店。 我们已经将充满魅力的Ngov带到了途赞,让我们了解一下城里最好的裁缝。

“When I’m in the shop, I’m at my best. I’m happy, friendly, I feel confident and my customers make me feel alive. My shop gives me the amazing opportunity to speak with people from around the world, either locals or from afar.”

“当我在店里时,我的状态永远是最好的。 我很高兴,友好,我很自信,我的客户让我感觉自己很充实。 我的店让我有机会与来自世界各地的人,无论是当地人还是远方的人交流。”


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