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#chozunaday: Cuba & London travel tips


This week, we started #chozunaday – celebrating a day from around the world, everyday.

Celebrated: Caribbean Cuba Day

Place: Cuba

Date: 8 December 

The day the formal opening of diplomatic relations between Caribbean Community and Cuba. Since Dec 8 2002, Cuba has increased grants and scholarships to other Caribbean countries.

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Salsa & Cha Cha dancing



#chozunaday celebrations

#chozunaday celebrations

At chozun, we love travel (I think most of you know that by now), discovering new places and making your lives easier wherever you are. Because life is worth celebrating and the world is an amazing place, offering rich experiences, we’ve decided to celebrate each day with different #chozunaday content across all our platforms.

#chozunaday is our way of celebrating and sharing a new and exciting place in the world with you, every day – because daily, something around the world is celebrated. We’ll give you five top insider tips on travelling to that place, interesting facts, fun giveaways, videos and more ways for you to engage with us.

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