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Drink your way around Europe – happy Sangria Day! 欧洲的饮酒文化 – 桑格利亚节


Pack a punch to your December with a day dedicated to the Spanish, fruity, wine beverage – Sangria. Forget Christmas, Sangria Day (Wednesday 20th December) is the holiday that every wine lover has been looking forward to all year; giving the perfect excuse for friends to come together over plenty of jugs filled with the red stuff.

为您的十二月份再添色彩,献上西班牙水果葡萄酒饮料 – 桑格利亚(Sangria)。 暂且忘记圣诞节,桑格利亚日(12月20日星期三)是每个葡萄酒爱好者一直期待的日子; 给朋友们提供了一个完美的借口,让大量充满红色东西的水壶聚在一起。


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