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Making The Most Of Your Next Business Trip | 如何让出差变得丰富

Meetings, stress, hurry – and then a few more meetings – are the cornerstones of any business trip. Business matters are, understandably, the priority. But there’s no need for your stay to be just a jet-lagged replica of life back home – enjoying yourself is equally as important. In fact, everyone wins if you can turn up to your meetings focused, relaxed and in touch with your new environment.

会议,压力,匆忙 – 连着更多的会议-出差基本都是这个节凑吧。当然可以理解,毕竟工作第一么。但是换个地方重复在家的生活不是也没意思么,好好放松享受也同样重要。事实上,如果你可以做到会议专注,在新环境中轻松自如,对大家来说都是受益的。

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