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Travel Profile: Balancing Career and Adventure with Aanarav Sareen

Aanarav Sareen has achieved a lot.  He is the co-founder of PaLaCart and Pollen, two of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. Prior to this Aanarav was the lead creative technologist at Wunderman, a WPP company and the world’s largest digital agency. He’s authored two best-selling books, is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and has been featured on ABC News, NBC News, Al Jazeera English and the Wall Street Journal as a leading expert in interactive media. 

In between all this he’s visited over 30 countries across 5 continents, pursuing landscape photography as he goes (all photos featured here are his!).

Aanarav truly is a living example that career and adventure are not mutually exclusive.  We caught up to pick his brain on how he makes this work.


Travel Profile: James Whiting on Travelling as a Creative | James 的旅行日记

James Whiting is a man of many talents.  Photography, journalism, skating and running; there’s a lot that keeps him busy.  As a photographer he’s worked extensively in his hometown of Melbourne, documenting the day-to-day with a keen eye that knows how to look a little deeper.

Recently, this work has taken him internationally to projects in L.A, travelling there on four separate occasions in 2017.  

We caught up with James to hear his thoughts on travelling as a creative, how that influences what he looks for and where it’s taken him.

James Whiting 是一个多才多艺的人。摄影,写新闻,溜冰和跑步;他的生活很充实。作为一名摄影师,他在家乡墨尔本广泛工作,以敏锐的眼光记录下日常生活,知道如何更深入地观察。 




3 Top Tools for your Travel Memories

It was not even 10 years ago when I went on my last BIG European adventure with friends and family. And, I have a photo album, from Target, with over 400 photos printed in it, to showcase the three month vacay.

If I think about how many trips I’ve been on since my hard copy photo album has made an appearance, there are more than I can count on both hands. But, where are my photos?

Some on CD (yes, that’s right, CD), some on USB, some on my Mum’s old 1999 Dell laptop, my portable hard drive, my friends camera roll, my camera roll, the cloud, Facebook, Instagram, in my trash to create more room. Anyway, you get the gist.

Personally, I am not going to collate or print all the pics I have taken over the last 10 years in trips. It just won’t happen. Those memories are now tucked away in my very young mind. But, this whole thought made me curious to look at what’s out there nowadays to capture and store one’s travel experiences and memories – neatly and in one central place.

Here’s what we found.


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