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8 Tips For a Better Road Trip | 自驾游攻略 – 8个贴士

There is something undeniably romantic about the humble road-trip.  A constant inspiration, it’s the centre of literary masterpieces and a movie genre in its own right. But turning it from the stuff of dreams to a reality can be a logistical nightmare. After attempting a mad dash down Australia’s desert centre I certainly came away with a few pieces of knowledge I wish I had before. Read on for a few tips on how to make that road-trip an (enjoyable) reality.

低调的旅行有一些不可否认的浪漫。 一个持久的灵感是文学杰作和电影的核心。 但把它从理想变成现实可能是一个令人失望的结果。 在尝试疯狂冲击澳大利亚的沙漠中心之后,我确实希望早点有些基础知识。今天的内容是关于一些可以让自驾游成为更有趣的建议。


9 months, 9 China Juxtapositions

lantern in china


When people ask what it’s like living in China (and they do, often), sometimes, I find I am stuck for words. Phrases come to mind like, “It’s challenging”, “I feel conflicted”, and the one consistent phrase I always think but never actually externally leaves my body to project is, “[Bleep] China, I love you”.

A dear friend who recently visited me in her thick South African accent just kept describing Shanghai as a “juxtaposition”. She really hit it on the head. So, nine months of living here, nine juxtapositions.

  1. The sometimes slow internet, that sees 650M mobile internet users throughout China.
  2. The volume at which (actual polite) conversations between locals occurs. Voice projection is sometimes at an all time high, but the conversation is usually about their day, their families, the community, a general chat.
  3. The fame generated from live streaming oneself, sitting at your work desk, eating an apple. 90% of broadcasters are female millennials – it is not uncommon in China for someone to earn a comfortable living being minor internet celebrities. (more…)

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