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How to do Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明市攻略

ho chi minh city landscape scene

It’s the air of a bustling, big city but with an intimate, dense vibe that will draw you into falling in love with Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), lying in the south of Vietnam. You can’t help but to immerse yourself within its tight, close-knit community beaming with warm locals who will do anything for you. They’re humbling, modest, and hard working.

这是一个熙熙攘攘的大城市,但是她拥有让人感觉亲密的氛围,会吸引你爱上胡志明市(胡志明市),越南南部。 你会情不自禁要把自己沉浸在这里,热情的本地人愿意为你做任何事情。他们低调,谦虚,工作努力。

It’s a city that doesn’t stop; you could be walking home from a bar at two o’clock in the morning and the locals will invite you for a drink with them to watch the sun unearth over the many sky rises. HCMC, AKA Saigon, has a true heart and a majestic soul beating through each and every compact, busy street corner.

这是一座不停歇的城市。 你可以在凌晨两点从酒吧回家。当地人会邀请你喝一杯,看日出。 胡志明市西贡,拥有真正的心灵和雄伟的灵魂,冲击每一个紧凑繁忙的街角。

But where do you start? At chozun 途赞, we’ve explored the area in and out and have hand picked our favourite providers in the city of Ho Chi Minh to help you out; from where to brunch, where to relax, and where to do your dirty laundry.

但你从哪儿开始呢?chozun途赞已经里里外外的探索了这个区域,并且在胡志明市亲自挑选了我们最喜欢的供应商来服务您; 从哪里吃早午餐,在哪里放松,到洗衣店。


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