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Drink your way around Europe – happy Sangria Day! 欧洲的饮酒文化 – 桑格利亚节


Pack a punch to your December with a day dedicated to the Spanish, fruity, wine beverage – Sangria. Forget Christmas, Sangria Day (Wednesday 20th December) is the holiday that every wine lover has been looking forward to all year; giving the perfect excuse for friends to come together over plenty of jugs filled with the red stuff.

为您的十二月份再添色彩,献上西班牙水果葡萄酒饮料 – 桑格利亚(Sangria)。 暂且忘记圣诞节,桑格利亚日(12月20日星期三)是每个葡萄酒爱好者一直期待的日子; 给朋友们提供了一个完美的借口,让大量充满红色东西的水壶聚在一起。


#chozunaday: Here’s travel tips on Spain, France, Canada, Nicaragua, Portugal, Philippines & Cambodia

Every week chozun 途赞 celebrates 5 new places with #chozunaday based on what’s being celebrated around the world. But this week, we celebrate 8 different destinations with travel tips on San Sebastian, Paris, Montreal, Popoyo, Sagres, Baler & Cambodia.

13 February 

Celebrated: World Radio Day – a day to remember the unique power of radio to connect people across the globe – originally proposed by Spain! 

San Sebastian, Spain 

Eat: La Cuchara de San Telmo – hidden down a little side street, an amazing little bar – eat all the pintxos possible & drink to your hearts content.

Do: Santa Clara Island – grab the ferry & head to the tiny island offering a small beautiful beach with great views over the city.

#chozunaday: Travelling to Figueres, Dundela, Liverpool, Australia, Shanghai

Bruce Peninsula Grotto, Ontario

Bruce Peninsula Grotto, Ontario

There’s one major event we will be celebrating this week, that is Chinese New Year! 新年快乐 to all and thank you for celebrating with us. This week, we’ve been across four continents to celebrate #chozunaday.

Celebrated: Commemorating Salvador Dali

Place: Figueres, Spain

Date: 23 January

Birthplace to surrealist artist Salvador Dali (who passed on this day, 1989), we celebrate Figueres, Spain!

2 travel tips for Figueres:

#chozunaday: Celebrations in New York, Andalusia, Ningbo, Lombok & Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

chozun 途赞 continues to celebrate everyday with #chozunaday.

Here’s what we’ve celebrated this week with the lead up to Christmas:

Celebrated: Titanic (the movie) was released, 19 years go

Place: New York (Titanic, the ships, anticipated destination)

Date: 18 December

How chozun celebrated: The team attempting dancing to Frank Sinatra’s, New York, New York.

Heading to New York this week pre-Christmas? Here’s some awesome things to do:

1. Winter Village at Bryant Park for some magic


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