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4 Game-Changing Travel Tech Innovations | 4个新兴的旅行革新技术

Beginning on 15th of April (Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday), World Creativity and Innovation Week is a celebration of free thinking, new ideas and game-changing breakthroughs. Everyone has something to gain from those who pursue innovation, and travel is no different. Technological advancements in recent years have made our lives travelling much easier, unlocking new possibilities for exploring.

Google maps, translation tools, smartphones (and their cameras!); we are increasingly able to see and do more around this amazing planet of ours. To celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week, we take a quick look at some of the coolest travel tech and trends making waves in 2018.


谷歌地图,翻译工具,智能手机(和自带的相机!); 我们越来越能够在这个令人惊叹的星球上看到并做更多的事情。为了庆祝世界创意与创新周,我们快速浏览了2018年最酷的旅游技术和潮流。


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