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chozun one: Global Vegan Venturer & Restauranter, Daphne Cheng 途赞会员:环球素食冒险家及餐厅老板

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We’re proudly introducing you to the haute, vegan cuisine creator, the delightful Daphne Cheng. As stylish as her cooking, Daphne is our go-to dinner party hostess with the mostest and is soon to open her own cool and casual vegan restaurant, ‘Uptown’, in Shanghai early next year. So brace your taste buds for the sexiest veggies of your life; cooked by the leading lady aiming to heighten the vegan movement in the biggest city in the world.

我们非常自豪的向你介绍一位高贵的素食美食家,可爱的Daphne Cheng。 人如其佳肴,Daphne 是我们晚餐会的女主人,她很快就要拥有属于自己风格的素食餐厅了,‘Uptown’会在明年年初在上海营业。大胆的去品尝你生命中最性感的素食佳肴吧;主厨的是志向引领素食在全球更受欢迎的女士。

“I’ve gained a respect for everything on my plate and really appreciate and saviour every mouthful. Sharing my knowledge on vegan food is an amazing position to be in and making people happy with my creations is the best feeling.”



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