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Insider picks for the best coffee around the world | 盘点全球那些品质和颜值都在线的咖啡馆

Escape the world of instant coffee and over-priced lattes with some of our favourite spots for an envy-inducing drink across the globe:


Tokyo, Japan

The cat cafe’s edgier younger sibling, Tokyo’s Ikefukuro Café lets customers sip their espresso alongside one of their fourteen tame owls. Owls not your thing? The city also boasts goat, reptile and even robot cafés to satisfy any tastes.

东京,日本:Ikefukuro Café是猫咪咖啡的兄弟,在这里顾客可以和店内14只温顺的猫头鹰品尝espresso。如果猫头鹰不是你的菜,那么这个城市还有山羊咖啡馆,爬行动物咖啡馆甚至机器人咖啡馆,满足你不同的喜欢。

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