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Insider picks for the best coffee around the world | 盘点全球那些品质和颜值都在线的咖啡馆

Escape the world of instant coffee and over-priced lattes with some of our favourite spots for an envy-inducing drink across the globe:


Tokyo, Japan

The cat cafe’s edgier younger sibling, Tokyo’s Ikefukuro Café lets customers sip their espresso alongside one of their fourteen tame owls. Owls not your thing? The city also boasts goat, reptile and even robot cafés to satisfy any tastes.

东京,日本:Ikefukuro Café是猫咪咖啡的兄弟,在这里顾客可以和店内14只温顺的猫头鹰品尝espresso。如果猫头鹰不是你的菜,那么这个城市还有山羊咖啡馆,爬行动物咖啡馆甚至机器人咖啡馆,满足你不同的喜欢。

San Francisco, USA:

Heralded as the ‘world’s best barista’, Elite Audio Coffee’s Melanie Aquino whips up some of the most intricate coffee designs we’ve ever seen. For just $5, customers can put in a request for their very own piece of mocha art – nothing’s too strange for expert Aquino.

旧金山,美国:Elite Audio Coffee的Malanie Aquin,被誉为‘全球最佳咖啡师’,掀起了咖啡设计狂潮。只需5美元,顾客就可以拥有一杯属于自己的摩卡艺术-任何造型要求都难不倒Aquino。


Hanoi, Vietnam:

Tucked away in the cobbled streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, escape the summer heat in Café Pho Co. After making your way through the downstairs silk shop and up winding staircases, relax on the rooftop with one of the café’s expertly blended Vietnamese iced coffees and enjoy the enviable views of Hoan Kiem Lake.

河内,越南:隐藏在河内老城区鹅卵石街道上的Café Pho Co绝对是避暑好去处。穿过楼下的丝绸店,沿着蜿蜒的阶梯到屋顶放松一下,点一杯店内经典的越式咖啡,尽情欣赏还剑湖的美景。


London, UK:

Straight from the gut of an Indonesian civet cat, kopi luwak coffee is not for the faint of heart – or those running low on cash. At £50 a pop in London’s Peter Jones, the coffee, which is collected – partially digested – from the cat’s dung, is renowned as one of the world’s best. If you’re on a bit of a tighter budget, a cup can be found in the civet’s native Bali from just $3.

伦敦,英国:猫屎咖啡,取材于印尼麝香猫,绝对不是为胆小或缺钱人士准备的。在伦敦Peter Jones花50英镑可以品尝被誉为全球最棒之一的猫屎咖啡。如果预算有限,你也可以在麝香猫的老家巴厘岛花3美元感受美好。


Yangpyeong County, South Korea:

Really up your Instagram game in South Korea’s photography themed Dreamy Camera Café. Have a chat with the café’s two ex-military pilot owners, who encourage customers to “talk about their dreams” over a cup of hot coffee.

杨平县,韩国:摄影主题的Dreamy Camera Café绝对是你Instagram的秀点。店老板是两位部队退役飞行员,他们总是鼓励顾客们在边喝咖啡便谈自己的梦想。


Antioquia, Colombia:

True connoisseurs can get straight to the source in one of the world’s most famous coffee producing regions. Toucan Café offers the chance to see traditional coffee farming in action in Antioquia’s beautiful mountains, before laying on a tasting session or teaching visitors the tricks of the brewing trade.

安蒂奥基亚,哥伦比亚:真正的咖啡行家会去到全球咖啡豆盛产地区。Toucan Café让你在品鉴咖啡或学习酿造秘诀前有机会领略到安蒂奥基亚美丽山间的传统咖啡种植场的风采。


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