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#chozunaday: Tokyo, Pennsylvania, Huaguoshan, New Dheli, Vancouver – what to see



chozun continues to celebrate everyday with #chozunaday, because, there’s always something to celebrate in the world, daily.

Celebrated: Kanji Day

Place: Tokyo

Date: 12 December 

Every year in Japan,  a character is selected to represent the events of the that year. Kanji of the year 2016 is “金” (kin) which means gold.

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Dressed up as dragons & made picked our own chozun Kanji word “初” – meaning, the first or beginning. We’ve had a lot of firsts this year!

Check out our tips for Tokyo.

Celebrated: Taylor Swift’s birthday!

Place: Pennsylvania (where Taylor Swift was born)

Date: 13 December

How could we not celebrate Tay Tay’s birthday! Did you know,  there’s a castle in Pennsylvania called ‘Fonthill Castle’?

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Dubmash with Taylor Swift. And yes, we sang through the whole Tay Tay playlist in the office that day.   

Facts on Pennsylvania:

1. There’s a castle in Pennsylvania called ‘Fonthill Castle’
2. It’s the snack food capital of the world, famous for production of pretzels and potato chips. Yummm.
3. Spanish is top non-English language spoken in Pennsylvania.

Celebrated: World Monkey Day

Place: Huaguoshan

Date: 14 December

This day celebrates monkeys and all other primate cousins of humans – apes, chimpanzees, & gibbons, spreading awareness for the animals! Chinese childhood idol, The Monkey King (孙悟空) was born in Huaguoshan Mountain (花果山) Jiangsu, China.

How chozun途赞 celebrated: By acting like monkeys

Top scenic spots in Huaguoshan:

1. Monkey Stone – it’s said the Monkey King was born in the stone.
2. Water Curtain Cave – where the Monkey King bravely rushes through the waterfall & becomes King.
3. Sanyuan Palace – containing three statues representing Heaven, Earth & Water.

Celebrated: International Tea Day

Place: New Delhi

Date: 15 December

Tea is the second-most popular beverage in the world, next to water. The vibrant New Delhi is home to the first ever International Tea Day. 

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Attempting to learn traditional Indian dancing!

Visiting New Delhi? Be prepared for:

  1. Humidity. It’s sky high particularly May –  June [insert sun emoticon]
  2. Dress like a local. Head to Khadi Gramogyog to buy some light, colourful cotton clothing.
  3.  Explore. Travel outside the city to get a true experience – trains are super easy to get about!

Celebrated: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Place: Vancouver

Date: 16 December

Celebrating Vancouver – the birthplace of the first ugly sweater party!

How chozun途赞 celebrated: Louis’ Mum video recorded her singing a Christmas song for us all!

Did you know?

Vancouver was recently named the 3rd most liveable place in the world. Vancouver also has some of the best Asian foods!

Of course, evidence of how chozun celebrated can be found here & on all social channels. 

Keep celebrating!

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