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Top 3 City Breaks to see top Art 三大艺术之都

What better way to celebrate International Artist’s Day this week than to look at where you can see great art in the best artsy hotspots around the world.


Our gallery genius at chozun gave us the lowdown of the best city breaks to indulge in art from inspiring collections on show to the city’s architecture and goings on.


International Artists Day is for bringing recognition and celebration to the world of art, and let’s be honest, without it, the world would be a pretty boring place. Art is the safari of the urban landscape and has the power to relive a past life that perhaps a written text could not portray. If you’re now convinced that an artsy city break is a must, take a look at our top chozun picks to get the best out of your break:

国际艺术日 是为了给艺术界的认可和庆祝。说真的,如果这个世界上没有了艺术,那这将是一个非常无聊的地方。艺术是城市景观的野生动物园,让人们有权重塑那些也许书面文字无法形容的过往生活。如果以已经被信服,途赞问您做出了顶级的选择来让您获得最好的放松时间:


Florence, Italy 意大利佛罗伦萨 

With a deep, decadent art history, Florence is the spot for reliving the renaissance period. The city boasts some of world’s most famous masterpieces, including Michelangelo’s David, and Sandro’s Birth of Venus. See with caution though; exposure to these artworks can cause an overwhelming mesmerisation, Stendhal syndrome, named after the 19th century French author who first experienced it. It’s the sensation of being so overcome with emotion from the art that you might fall ill – we promise it’s worth the risk though!

佛罗伦萨拥有悠久及衰落的艺术史,是重现文艺复兴时期的地方。这座城市拥有世界上最著名的杰作,其中包括米开朗基罗的大卫和桑德罗的维纳斯的诞生。但请谨慎欣赏,因为这些艺术品可能会让你有精神崩溃的催眠术和司汤达综合证(它以19世纪首先体验到该综合证的法国作家命名)。佛罗伦萨的艺术能创造出令人奔溃的情感 – 但我们保证这是值得的风险!

As you stroll around the city you’ll catch sight of intricate artistry on the rooftop domes of cathedrals, on ceilings of chapels and on bronzed panelling on doors. But Florence does throw in a good contrast of modern works such as the Gucci museum.  


chozun by us: spend a day in the one of the oldest museums in the western world – the Uffizi gallery.

我们的选择:途赞在世界西部最古老的博物馆里度过了一整天 – the Uffizi gallery.


New York, USA 美国纽约

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of, as Alicia Keys once sang. New York has an astounding plethora of renowned art galleries; with more than two million works of art in the Metropolitan Museum alone, which will take you on a journey of discovery from Egyptian shrines to Roman works.

梦幻般的混凝土丛林,正如艾丽西亚·凯斯曾经唱过的一样。纽约有众多惊人的知名艺术画廊; 在大都会博物馆中,艺术作品超过二百万件,带您从埃及神社到罗马作品的探索之旅。

New York is also known for it’s lesser known modern, innovating displays. Follow an enchanting trail of independent galleries dotted around SoHo, including the Judd Foundation for design lovers, and Team Gallery, showcasing the best emerging artists of downtown.  It’s the city that doesn’t sleep, and it’s because it’s people can’t say no. There’s so much to see that each week and even each day brings a new exhibition, lecture, or evening with something interesting and inspiring to feast your eyes on.  

纽约也以其名气较小的现代创新气息而闻名。跟随SoHo独立画廊迷人的小径,包括设计爱好者的Judd基金会和Team Gallery,它展示了城市中最好的新兴艺术家。这是没有睡觉的城市,这是因为人们不能说不。有这么多的事情发生。每一个星期甚至每一天都会带来一些新事物,讲座或者年轻的夜晚。

chozun by us: In an attempt to avoid the bustling crowd, explore at your own pace and set your sights on strolling SoHo – make sure to pop into The Drawing Centre, devoted to exhibiting works on paper. 

我们的选择为了避免繁忙的人群,请以自己的节奏探索,并设定您的目光漫步SoHo – 不要忘记进入励志于纸上作品的绘画中心

London, UK  英国伦敦

London is at the forefront of style, from its people to their stylish homes. Picture Notting Hill with its lined, colourful houses, yet all with their own unique, individual stamp; it’s no wonder that some of the biggest names in art are homed here. With over 1,500 galleries in the city (a majority of which are free), expect to see collections of fashion, jewellery, and a vibrant appreciation of textiles and print in the V&A, and to be taken aback when stepping foot in the it venue for establishing photographers, The Photographer’s Gallery – Britain’s first independent photography gallery. As Banksy’s favourite playground, it has to be ours for spending a long weekend absorbing art from around the world, contemporary or historic.

伦敦处于前沿风格,从人文到有设计感的住宅。想象一下Notting Hill上整齐的又多彩的房子,但都有自己独特的风格; 毫无疑问,艺术界中最有名气的艺术家就是归宿在这里。这座城市拥有超过1500家画廊(其中大部分是免费的),准备好欣赏到印在V&A上的时尚,珠宝首饰和不断升值的纺织品,并且在步入场地时会被摄影画廊惊艳到 – 英国第一个独立的摄影画廊。作为Banksy’s 最喜欢的游乐场,它必须是我们花一个漫长的周末来吸收世界各地的艺术,当代或历史。

chozun by us: Visit the quintessentially British Somerset House and be sure to check out the Embankment Galleries with a rotating programme of exhibitions dedicated to art, design, fashion and photography. 

我们的选择参观典型的英国萨默塞特大厦(Somerset House),一定不要错过Embankment 画廊,它会带给你艺术、设计、时尚及摄影的享受。

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